Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I suck!

Okay, I am really starting to suck at this blog thing...I don't seem to be able to carve time out of the day for this usually.

Right now, the only reason I have the time is because I have 3 kids home "sick" with pink eye. I've gotta say, I'm just loving school (insert sarcastic tone). They bring home EVERYTHING! We were the healthiest family when we didn't interact with others... Anyway, the worst thing about pinkeye is that it's not really a sickness. The kids don't feel bad, they're just highly contagious. So they still want to be out playing and running around with other kids. I feel horrible telling them, no, you have to stay in our yard, don't touch/lick/play with anyone else! The fact that pinkeye is not really harmful in anyway, makes me wonder why we don't just let them infect everyone and then everyone would just have pink eyes. There doesn't seem to be anything else bad about it.

I am also sick, but I have self medicated and now I feel much better. Yesterday I spent most of the day laying on the couch sleeping on and off while the kids ran around and screamed and yelled at the tops of their lungs. Today I took DayQuil so that I can at least get off the couch.

There's a reception tonight, that I will probably have to take another dose of DayQuil to make it through, but I have to say after 3 days at home with the kids I am really missing adult interaction. Not that I really get any of that's not like I talk to anyone but the preschool teachers. Toby looks well enough to return to school tomorrow, but Seth's eyes are still scary red. He may have to miss the whole week.