Thursday, November 06, 2008

Now We Are Six

This is a series to prepare you, my loyal readers, for the inevitable day when I change my blog address and "put myself out there".

I know, I do conversations a lot, but we have weird ass conversations in my house.

Tigger and I were discussing who of each of A.A. Milne's characters each one of our family members is and that lead me to new nicknames for when I change my blog address.

Me: I'm Rabbit. I'm always obsessed that everyone is ruining everything and I want everything to look nice. I'm not terribly social. And I have a lot of babies.

Dylan: He's Dylan. You never heard me say otherwise. Ignore that picture to the left. Can I have my new lens now?

14 year old : She's Tigger. She's bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

5 year old: He's Piglet. He's a bit nervous and anxious. And he stutters.

4 year old: He's Pooh. Hum-de-dum. Time for Honey. Yeah, that's Toby all over.

2 year old: He is Stewie from Family Guy. He's totally Stewie.

So now you know, and you'll see that everyone's names will change from now on. If anyone happens to miss this post, they'll just think I'm crazy. Which is okay too.


  1. Hee! I like the new names. They are much more imaginative than my pseudonyms for everybody. I could be "Rabbit" too, only substitute "lots of pets" for "lots of babies".

    Pssst...I volunteered to host Fun Monday next week - as far as I know, I'm it...

  2. were you a different number before? and pamela is your daughter, right? i keep forgetting, and then thinking she's a pet. and then you have a conversation with her and i think you're having a conversation with a pet. i should have a cast of characters on my sidebar. i should also stop changing my sister's and my boyfriend's names.

    did you get my email about hanging out with a friend of mine who lives in slovakia? you're only 8 hours away and i haven't seen her in a year. A YEAR. she is very funny, you will love her. and you guys can hug each other for me.

  3. M - I used to have lots of pets too (in addition to the babies). We've become a death house lately though.

    MCPWD - Pamela is my daughter, but I did laugh at the idea that she's a pet. Oh, and "Now We Are Six" is the title of an A.A. Milne book (but we've been 6 for the last 2 1/2 years).

  4. Isn't Rabbit a boy, though? You're not going through transition, are you?! Although think of the blog posts that you could get out of THAT!

  5. I love the sudden departure into "Stewie" from FAMILY GUY. You are, like, complex.

  6. That was really funny! Our older sons have a lot in common because mine is an anxious/worrier type and he also stutters - he has been getting speech therapy in school since last year.

    And Mikayla is definitely like Pamela and Tigger. She is the spunky one.

    Really cute! You have inspired me to look for literary characters when I change my blog next summer. Thanks!

  7. I am going to have to print this out so I can keep up at first!!!

  8. I like your new Robin I think I'm going to have to print it out for decoding purposes..LOL...when are you changing your address?


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