Friday, September 01, 2006

Got Comments? Click here!

Because of something that came up recently, I thought I probably needed to explain some things.

If you post a comment anonymously, and you're leaving me a link, I will delete it. The reason behind this is that some people comment anonymously leaving links to pimp out their own sites, or other people's sites, or porn sites and I just don't have the time to clear all the links that pop up.

If you want to post a link, please leave your name. If you do not wish to leave your name in the comments, please send me the link via email and I may even mention you in another post (unless, of course, you do not want me to).

I appreciate pretty pictures and things, but I have a real problem with anonymous commenters leaving links, only because I simply do not have the time to make sure you are not sending all my readers porn, or something otherwise inappropriate.

If you are not posting anonymously, you may leave links. I know where to find you if it's not appropriate;).


  1. Hi! I have a yahoo scrapbook Polish friend that lived in the US as a nanny for about 7yrs and moved back home to Poland this last November. She would love to have someone to scrapbook with, she lives in Wroclaw. I found your blog and thought you'd might be able to help? Bonnie

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