Thursday, January 31, 2008


So, yesterday of course I raved about my husband and I still think he's amazing, but yesterday when I was making breakfast for a bunch of ungrateful kids I was thinking "He tricked me!"

See we have this neighbor. She's doing the single working mom thing because she and her husband were not assigned together (she's here in Poland and he's in Portugal - honestly I think it was a paperwork mistake...the pull down menu, the proximity of the two countries in the alphabet:). Her daughters are both teenagers and she gets up every morning to make them breakfast. So for the umpteenth time that I was serving my kids' cold cereal for breakfast, my husband says, "You know, A. ALWAYS makes her kids a hot breakfast." To which I replied, "Yes, but A. doesn't have 4 kids between the ages of 1 and 13." (which is pretty much always my response to anything that I'm not doing right. "You didn't get the grocery store." "I have 4 kids." "You didn't put gas in the car." "I have 4 kids." and so on;).

So as I was making french toast yesterday and I had one boy SCREAMING, I mean SCREAMING at the top of his lungs that he didn't want French toast and that I couldn't make him eat it, I was thinking about how my husband guilted me into cooking for these kids who really only want cold cereal.

(After I put the French toast in front of him, he did eat it and actually asked for more. Seth is not a morning person.)

Only one more day of LOAD! I can get back to folding and putting away laundry. Anyway, here's the LOAD layout for yesterday:
It's Polish and if you read the journaling it may make sense (the journaling isn't in Polish just the title). Behind me in the photo of me scrapping, that's my new paper rack! And I did get a second one!

Have a scraptastic day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a great husband I have!

Yesterday evening we had to take Toby to the doctor for his checkup from his horrible infections that he had last week. (We also learned that he has a secondary ear infection and probably sleep apnea, so we have to go see a specialist, but we knew that already).

Anyway, when Dylan met me at the doctor's office, he had a package from Old Navy (YIPEE, jeans for Seth so that he doesn't look like he's wading!) and something else that I didn't recognize. It turned out to be this:
No, not the paper (although that would make him a very cool husband too), the thing holding the paper. It's an old magazine rack that he found and they were getting rid of. He brought it to me and said, "It's exactly 12 inches, I measured it. And if it works for you, I have another one!" But how awesome that he listened to me and knew that it needed to be 12 inches! He's the greatest husband ever! Now all I have to do is figure out how to sort my paper in 8 different ways.

Before this, all of my paper was kept in two of these:

Which was no longer working for me.

And yesterday's LOAD LO was kind of a copout. I make these 4x6 scrapbooks for my kids' godparents (of course I am WAY behind on all of them). So these were some catch up pages for Toby's.

Everyone have a fantastic day! I'll just be here organizing paper:).

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is it about scrapbookers?

This weekend, in a desperate effort to drum up others to indulge in my addiction with me, I spoke with a woman who said she scrapbooks. But when I was telling her all about the challenge (LOAD) I was involved in and asking her how much room she has to scrap, she just wasn’t nearly as excited (obsessed?) as I am. Are all scrapbookers like me, or are they more like her? All the people I’ve scrapbooked with in person (and online) have been just as crazy as I am…with all their varied and individual styles, but they’ve had that passion.

I was like her when I first started. It was an interesting hobby, one I didn’t want to pour too much money into, but a way to get together with others and enjoy each other’s company (at that time I didn’t know that people scrapbooked alone most of the time). The only reason I was even involved in it was because I just didn’t have any female friends and I was invited to a “crop” – not really a crop, but more like a weekly gathering at this woman’s house – and she and I had babies and older children the same ages (NONE of the other ladies even had children). They talked about techniques and where they got everything, and I just thought they were complete and total nuts. But liked hanging out with them and needed some “girl time”.

5 years later, I am one of them. But it’s hard to find other scrappers. I even offered at a women’s group to teach scrapbooking (with absolutely no training except experience), with no success to drum up others. We are, at least overseas, an elusive group.

And how about how non scrappers, we’ll call them commoners:), view us. I seem to get that look from people (including the woman that I spoke with Friday night) as though they think I am a religious nut. From family, it’s more like I’m an alcoholic and they’re my enablers.

What do you think? And if anyone has any suggestions as to where to find the elusive scrapper, please let me know:).

And for the first time since January 8th, when I was still stuck in Houston, I did not complete a layout yesterday. So I have nothing to show.

Ah, but I's not my time, it's West Coast time:). So I was able to slap out a LO in under 20's that for SUPER fast;)?
And I only had to skip my run to complete it:P. Obsessed, noooo!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it more magic than a breadbox?

When we moved here, I bought this breadbox (well, actually Dylan bought me this breadbox). I don't really know why, but I always loved breadboxes...something weird about me. Anyway, we were gone for 3 weeks in December and no one cleaned the breadbox out before we left. However, this is what we came back to:

Yes, that expiration date is December 24, 2007 and yes, I took that picture this morning (you can't throw away magic bread!). Anyway, there's more stuff in the bread box (bread, crackers) that have been there the same amount of time and have no effects of time.

Can someone explain the magical science behind the breadbox to me? Seriously! The bread that sat on top of the breadbox went moldy, but inside, everything was in perfect condition. How does that happen???

Toby's better, but here's a pic of him when he was sick:

And that was when he was on the upside of the sickness.

Here's yesterday's LOAD LO.

Too much "white" space, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Ah, nothing is perfect. And of all the weird things, my rub ons stuck to their backing.

Have a good day, and if anyone seriously knows the science of breadboxes I would LOVE to hear it. For now I'm happy thinking it's magic:).

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Sorry that I have been gone. I've been pretty down and I don't like to blog when I'm down 'cause I'm not very interesting. I don't like sounding like a whiny blogger.

But, because I have little time, I will just post my LOAD layouts from the past few days. I'll probably be back on Monday.

This one is one of my favorites. It's such a mundane subject, but that day I was just so frustrated about it, I scrapped it:

Then these are my kids' school book pages. I'm figuring out my lettering problems. For my daughter's 3rd and 4th grade pages, I took my Target $1 section letters (that I can't get to stick without glue dots) and heat embossed them with silver and red. I LOVED the way they turned out, so now my only problem is how do I get more letters???

My son's preschool page is a work in progress as he hasn't completed preschool yet:). So that's why it's so bare.
But with these pages, I have caught up in the challenge AND caught up in my kids' books. So win-win!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Just a quick note to say that Addicted to Scrapbooking is having their progressive sale right now. Today is 30 % off and it will go on until January 29th when all the sale items will be 70% off. I usually wind up having two shipments from them during these sales, as I buy what I desperately want right now (today it was stickers with my name! I've never found stickers with my name!) and leave everything else that I would kind of like until the last day. That way if it sells out I'm not devastated, but I get a pretty good deal on whatever is left.

Scroll down to get more on today and watch a fun video;).

It's 4:43 am

Yeah, I'm normally not up quite this early, but I'm up with a sick kid whose temp I'm trying to get down.

Here's the LOAD LO for Wednesday:

I'm having lettering issues. I'm going to have to read up on more lettering options. I have chipboard which I love, and I suppose I can just paint it to match my LOs but I usually don't have the time.

But with the Monkey LO, the journaling is hard to read (even in person). "It says this is our stateroom (well the kids' stateroom). Every night Wilson, our stateroom host, made towel animals. The last night, even though it didn't have a tail, it was a..."

For those who don't get the reference, for Toby's birthday he got Veggie Tales' The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. The Silly Song with Larry is "Monkey" which is just too funny. And it gives a handy lesson on how to tell monkeys from apes.

My favorite silly song! It has lead to all kinds of interesting exchanges in my house. Anyone at any time can say Something "has a tail" such as "Crocodile has a tail" to which anyone (or everyone) will announce that "It's a monkey!" So when we saw the monkey hanging in the stateroom we all shouted in unison "It's a monkey!" I think we were the craziest people on the cruise.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Week (and it's only Wednesday!)

Gosh, this week has been awful. It actually started last week where Blaise (the baby) was sick with a pretty high fever (I didn't actually take his temp, I just gave him Tylenol...apparently the staff at the Health Unit thinks I'm weird for that, but I'm a mom - of four!). He got better after 4 days, and honestly, I kind of like them when they're sick 'cause they just rest all day and they're pretty easy - pathetic, but easy.

Well Friday, Toby came home from school with a weird pink ring around his eye. It wasn't like pink eye, it was more like someone had drawn the line with a Pepto Bismol colored crayon. Saturday he had a fever, so it was more Tylenol and laying around. Sunday he was still not well, so I stayed with him while Dylan took the other kids to church. Monday - an embassy holiday - he had a fever of 103.5. So more Tylenol and lying around. Tuesday his eye swelled up - the same eye that had the pink ring on Friday - so we took him to the doctor. Now, don't fault me for being a bad mom, I REALLY thought he just had the same thing Blaise had had the previous week. The embassy doc said "He's got periorbital cellulitis and needs to be admitted to the hospital." Dylan and I were like, is this an emergency or urgent? He says "urgent", so we were like, let's take him to the Pediatrician and see what he says. Maybe he'll just give him high dose antibiotics and we can keep him home. I went to pick up a friend's daughter from the preschool, 'cause Seth was going home with his friend and she'd had car trouble. When I arrived, I was met at the door by Seth's teacher. "Seth has pink eye!" now I'm taking Seth and Ava home and Nicholas (Seth's friend) was just devastated. Luckily we had the appointment for Toby with the pediatrician.

So the pediatrician says, "He has a bad ear infection, strep throat, and conjunctivitis. He's very ill." He prescribed antibiotics for home, with the first few doses pretty close together. And Seth also has pink eye. Oh, and the pediatrician seemed totally surprised when we said that Toby has never had an ear infection as he found evidence in his left ear of previous ear infections. After this whole ordeal is over we must take him to an ear, nose and throat doctor.

This goes into a whole long problem that I have with the military/embassy system of healthcare for those of us without a MTF (Military Treatment Facility) anywhere close. We were ready to take Toby to the hospital, but changed our minds when Tricare/International SOS would not approve the children's hospital in town - where the State Department sends their kids. They approved another hospital which, come to find out, does not admit children.

My dear friend Lisa asked me how we keep our kids so healthy at one point and I told her I didn't know. Now I think I do, our kids go undiagnosed.

But here's my Poland difference for the month. We went to fill the prescriptions (of which there were many). In the States you would get the prepared antibiotic (it's a liquid) from the pharmacy, but here you get the powder with directions in Polish of how to prepare it yourself! Have fun!

But I did manage to finish two LOs yesterday for LOAD:

I just wanted to use the last of the Disney paper that I bought on the cruise because I can't imagine what else I would use it for...particularly the one with the boat. I don't like either of these LOs, but I threw them together really fast (like less that 30 min per LO) because I just wanted to get them done yesterday. I wasn't in a real creative mood as I was trying to decide what to do with all my other kids when my middle boy was in the hospital. I'm glad he's not there.

Update: I just got a call from Dylan and I mixed the antibiotic incorrectly (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) so I have been giving Toby too much antibiotic in the last three doses. However, the Health Unit is aware...whatever good that does.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just the LOAD layouts for today...

I already posted once today and then I realized that I had only posted the weekend's LOs and not Mondays. I like to post them the day of otherwise I get into a weird groove and I'm kind of anal about things like that.

So here's day 21:

Castaway Cay

And day 5 make up (now I'm only down 3 LOs!):

Glass Bottom Boat

I get bored doing the cruise photos because, while I can journal about them, it's very plain and blah mostly. "This is what we did and where we were, yadda, yadda, yadda". I enjoy more of the story journaling, which I guess is good. Anyway, I should only have 1 or 2 more LOs of the cruise and then I'll be done! Castaway Cay was our last day there and I don't think I have many more pictures that are "scrap worthy".

More LOAD and some BNL

More LOAD layouts. This is day 19 and day 20. I finally figured out how to put my 2 page layouts together...I know, it was a big "DUH!" when I figured it out. I didn't have time to do two LOs on Saturday so I only finished "Pirates". That one was interesting because as I was putting it together I REALLY didn't like it, but then when it all came together, I thought it looked pretty good. Usually I like them or don't like them as I'm doing them and they stay in that arena when they are finished.

"Christmas Pics" is inspired by the Barenaked Ladies song of the same name. "Hold still...wait for the're in this year's Christmas pics." The song just cracks me up. If you've never listened to Barenaked for the Holidays, you should. There are some REALLY funny songs on there. And my middle son LOVES their version of Jingle Bells so much that
  1. we still listen to it just about everyday in January.
  2. It's hit 59 times played on iTunes for us. Which is #2 song in times played, the #1 song is Rehab by Amy Winehouse and that only has 68 times played.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

30 minute Thursday.

Yeah, the only reason I'm taking time to post tonight is to post my 30 minute Thursday and Day 4 make up of the LOAD challenge. I have a second sick kid (all last week the littlest one was out, now the 3rd one is out) and LOTS of stuff to do. Just needed to post this one.

Jen's challenge (she's taking over for Lain this month) was to use several patterned papers on a page, and because I scrapped my scrap space, I wanted to use as many different ones as possible to draw on that idea.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 3 LOAD makeup

Just wanted to post real reason other than I am avoiding an exam and a statistics problem set:).

This was just a pretty easy LO to put together. And I don't have to credit anyone else for the design 'cause I did it (probably with images from my brain...but still:). Just playing around with creativity now!

Birthday Parties

I HATE birthday parties. I hate putting together birthday parties and coming up with stupid games and things that kids won't play and don't really enjoy.

So my eldest son's birthday party was at school today (they allow birthday parties at his school, so that's the only one we do - other than the family one on the actual birthday - because I hate them). The kids just didn't care much about the party, they never do...they like the cake and presents, but I don't know why I bother to even put any thought into them at all.

But, Pamela and I spent about an hour and a half of our lives last night making these:

They're filled with little candies (M&Ms and Skittles - they don't taste all that great together;). It wasn't bad, we had fun making them and the kids liked them (a little but I would never say that anything I have ever made was a "hit"). They'd probably make a nice little Valentine's could give them a "spicy" name and they'd be perfect. Maybe Amy wants to use them for her countdown to Valentine's day??

Anyway, this experience has inspired today's LO:

I just love the picture of my middle son in his apron and chef's hat. He loves to cook and is so excited when he gets the opportunity to help out. Oh and the LO design is by Tricia Morris from The Scrapbook Lounge.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

100th post!

Woohoo! Go me!

Anyway, I'll be short today as I am short on time. Today I had lunch with two lovely friends of mine that I hadn't seen since back in September. The horrible thing is that they live one and two streets over from me and one of them doesn't work outside the home.

And because I was thinking about the last time I saw them, I scrapped this LO which is a make up for Day 2 of the LOAD challenge:

There's more of a story to this one. Over my trip to the States my sister in law gave me a CD with all the photos she and her father had taken of my BIL's wedding. She also included some of the wedding photographers photos. But it was the one in the right hand corner on the first page that was taken by my SIL (where they look like they're just about to kiss) that inspired this LO. That photo just HAD to be scrapped. She captured the moment perfectly.

My SIL is a great photographer (she should be a scrapbooker too, but sadly I was unable to get her addicted;).

Then there was this one which is my day 17 of the LOAD challenge:

Both these LO's were designed by Tricia Morris and scraplifted from The Scrapbook Lounge.

And as always, my pages are actually quite straight...I just get lazy and don't want to scan and rescan to get it perfect.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few scrappy things...

I watch the podcast "Scrap Time" by Christine (I'm ashamed to say I never read her blog). If you're a scrapbooker and have some time to watch some podcasts on the way to work or whenever, she has good tips and product reviews and she is pretty regular about her podcasts. They're also under 5 minutes, which is why she rocks!

Anyway, in one of her podcasts she mentioned this series of books. It's all about scrapbooking and mysteries:). Now, I loved the Goldy caterer series by Diane Mott Davidson. Sure they're silly, but they seem so unreal to me that I can actually read them and not be irritated. So I'll be trying this one out soon (as soon as I'm finished with this statistics book).

I'll have to make this short today, but I still have LOTS of blog fodder from my trip that I haven't even touched on yet.

And here's a double shot of the LOAD challenge 'cause I'm 8 (no now I'm 7!) days behind since I didn't start until the 9th. So I've kicked it into gear by using Brenda Arnall's Easy Patterns. I'm actually just using old issues of Creating Keepsakes, but the book would be cool too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5 Ways Scrapbooking Makes Me a Better Person

Dylan still picks on me about my scrapbook blog, so today I decided to explain why scrapbooking is important.

We’ll do this in David Letterman order and start with the least.

5. Creativity starts at home.

4. It’s never good to have too much money and all of our excess goes to scrapbooking supplies. Who needs college??

3. It’s a better way to unwind after a long day than a bottle of wine.

2. I’ve found out what to do with every weird thing that IKEA makes. Most of them are made to hold scrapbook supplies.

And the number one reason:

Every moment of my life I look at the opportunity to scrapbook it. I do not mind that my kids cry when the meet Santa or Mickey Mouse, think of the memories that will be documented about that day! I take very little for granted - knowing that when I am a grandma I will have experienced my children's lives.

And here's today's LOAD challenge layout (LO) know you want it;)

My pages are actually straighter than they appear:).

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tagged again:)

No, it's not new...because I mentioned it in my last post (which I think of as yesterday, but was actually today-yeah, I'm pretty tired now that you mention it). Amy tagged me with books.

*1. One book that changed my life: I'm going with an old standby here, The Bible. Everytime I read it it makes more sense to me than the last time...not to insinuate that I have read the whole Bible, because I haven't, but when I pick it up I get the whole idea of life.

*2. One book that you have read more than once: I haven't read a book more than once since I was in high school - except maybe The Action Heroine's Handbook. Now I know how to give birth to a baby if I am alone:).

*3. One book that you want on a desert island: Yeah, I have to agree with Amy: Raft building for dummies?

*4. One book that made me laugh: That would have to be the Action Heroine's Handbook again. It's too funny and the whole time you're thinking, "Well that's a darned good idea!"

*5. One book that made me cry: White Oleander by Janet Fitch. I was so absorbed in the story of this poor girl and her life in foster care. It made me want to go and adopt all the children of the world.

*6. One book I wish had been written: The Idiot's Guide to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences - I've not really checked this out, it could be out there.

*7. One book I wish had not been written: I don't know of any. Every book I have picked up has been good in some way. I LOVE to read, but my time is limited so if it's dull it's gone in the first chapter.

*8. One book I am currently reading
: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. Yes, it's boring, but until it's finished I have no time for other books.

*9. One book I've been meaning to read: A Thousand Splendid Suns. I actually started it, but I lost it in my travels over Christmas time.

So there we are today. And now I'm caught up! YAY!

Here's day 14 of the LOAD challenge:

I'm thinking I'll have to scrap some other photos 'cause I'm actually getting bored with the cruise ones...sad, I know.


Yeah, weekends don't work so well for blogging for me. And now it's actually Monday morning and here I am blogging...still a little jet lagged.

So here's Days 11, 12, & 13 of the L.O.A.D challenge:

Still working on the Disney Cruise, still lots of pictures to go on this one.

So Amy tagged me (again;) and now I'm behind on three things. But that's okay, 'cause it's all good blog fodder.
For now, I'll just do the 7 random things. And tomorrow (haha) I will get to the books:).

  1. I was born in Sydney, Australia to an Australian mother and an American father. We moved to Houston when I was about 9 months old. I grew up in Houston and moved from there when I was 21.
  2. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 16. She suffered for several years and I am terrified that I will get it and leave my own children. It sucked growing up without a mom, and my sister had a lot less time with her than I did.
  3. I've lived in 5 different countries: the United States, Germany, Syria, Poland, and Ghana (I don't count Australia because I don't remember it). The closest I have felt to any of them being home is Germany, which is odd, but I've taken something from every place I have lived. Ghana had the most impact on me, for good and bad, and I've taken their beautiful bright colors with me.
  4. I love all of Brad Paisley's music. I have not heard one song of his that wasn't worth listening to over and over and over (except Whiskey Lullaby, which I can't stand for some reason).
  5. My kids are all named after saints. Only my middle two have Old Testament names (but they also have saints' names).
  6. I met my husband in 7th grade...we dated in high school and eventually married when we were 20.
  7. Of the 13 years that I've been following my husband around in the Army, we've lived on a military base only 4 of those and that was only the first 3 years and then one year in the middle. I miss it greatly, but wouldn't trade the way I live now for anything.
So there's my random facts. I won't tag anyone since I don't really know anyone with a blog, but there's a little more about me out there in cyberspace now:).

Friday, January 11, 2008

LOAD day 10

So because we just went on the Disney Cruise for Christmas, I have LOTS of pictures to scrap from that trip and it's all fresh in my mind. My new theme for the L.O.A.D challenge is the Disney Cruise. Here's page 1, day 10:

And Amy tagged me to do 7 random things and my thoughts on discipline. I don't know which one is more difficult so I'll go in order. She first tagged me for thoughts on discipline. This should be fairly easy since I just took a class in Child Psychology where we had to analyze our parents parenting skills and then look at our own.

I won't go into my analysis of my own parents parenting here, as most of the people involved read this blog and I'm not really ready to go there;).

As for Dylan's and my parenting skills, we just really try to look at the things that our parents did that we didn't like and change that. No one can be a perfect parent so we hope our children will cut us some slack like we do our own parents. As far as discipline, we believe that a good example is very important and punishments should fit the crime. We often use natural consequences. You spilled the juice, you have to clean it up. Natural consequences work quite well with young children but not as well with older ones. We can't let Pamela fail 8th grade as a natural consequence of not doing her homework, so she loses privileges (such as no friends over, no phone calls) when her grades drop. For this semester, her friend invited her to a concert and we told her that she couldn't attend the concert unless her grades were good enough (A, B, and Cs - her math skills are not good, so I will accept a C in math). That's been a fantastic motivator and she has kept her grades up this semester and will go to the concert next week.

AmyC uses choices and a sense of humor

Kylie in Warsaw uses natural consequences and good examples.

Instead of 5 people I'll tag Dawn, Amanda, and Lisa (all who do not have a blog) so just leave me a comment about your thoughts on discipline if you want:).

Tomorrow I'll post the random thoughts about me...that one's pretty difficult. Almost everyone I know knows everything about me;).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back in Warsaw!

Hey! I arrived in Warsaw yesterday and have about a billion things to do. I did my first layout of the L.O.A.D. challenge last night when I was exhausted, but I'm in the running now! Here's the layout:

I have two chapters to read and an assignment to do, have to go grocery shopping (we made do on Eggo waffles and hot pockets last night), unpack and pick up Dylan and the boys from the airport.

We were supposed to come in on Sunday, but our flight to Chicago was delayed too long to let us make the connection with the one flight that goes to Warsaw. We were rescheduled for the next day, but that flight was canceled. They told us they couldn't get us out until Wednesday but were finally able to find us a Lufthansa flight on Tuesday. Dylan and the boys were supposed to leave on Tuesday but their flight to Chicago was delayed (after they had actually loaded everyone on the plane and closed the doors!) and they were rescheduled for Wednesday. Dylan got them to give him enough time to make the connection in case the flight was delayed, but then wound up being stuck in Chicago for 7 delays. It was just crazy.

So other than the being stuck for 4 days and getting behind on everything back here, our vacation was very nice. And because idle hands are the Devil's playground here's what I did while I was on vacation:

These are tote bags made from plastic grocery bags. The yellow striped one is for Dylan's grandmother as she gave me all the bags to make it and she really liked the yellow. The other one is the first one I made. They're super easy to make and this is how I finally learned to crochet. You can find instructions here. It was the first time I was able to actually see the stitches. Now I've started on a scarf for Seth (from actual yarn, not plastic bags:).

And Amy has tagged me (twice!) in the time that I was gone, so I still have that to blog:)...I'm getting there;).

Monday, January 07, 2008

"Stuck" in Houston

Hey all! I thought I'd be back to blogging by now, but due to weather and then problems finding tickets for a lot of people all on one flight, I'm "stuck" in Houston for a few more days.

Doesn't bother me since I get to visit with family and get some more essential scrapbook shopping done;)...but I'm getting behind on blogs and assigments. Oh well, I'll catch up soon:).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Good to be back, at least temporarily! I'm still not in total blogging mode as I am still outside of my own element, but I wanted to post a little bit while I had the opportunity.

First, some clues as to where I went for Christmas:

Guess where! Jealous yet?:)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is having a Happy New Year! All my scrapper friends head over to ScrapHappy and join me in the LOAD challenge! I have to hit a store or two tonight to actually get started on this before I head back home.