Thursday, May 31, 2007

Funny/Cute Story

We went to a "nice" hotel in town because they have an ice cream shop (you can't get ice cream in this country unless it's shipped in from the West and then it's usually seriously freezer burned and $3 for a small cone. They do have a local brand that is not so bad though.) The boys get really excited because we rarely go out.

Anyway, this is a "good" albeit expensive ice cream shop and we have to fight traffic to get there. We get there and get our ice cream (had another experience that I won't mention right now) and then we are getting ready to leave. As we are leaving the hotel, we spot the escalators. This is the only building in town with escalators and they're only up escalators. Dylan says, "Boys, do you remember Corduroy?" Yes, Corduroy, the U.S. book that was published in 1958 where the bear goes up the escalator. So the boys laugh and enjoy their ride on the escalator, while the guard is laughing - only because until he got this job he also had never seen an escalator.

Going back to Warsaw, they have escalators in all the malls. I think we could be entertained for a couple of days at least:).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Embassy Living...

We were at dinner last night with another member of the embassy, and I realized that sometimes, I don't fit in. It's saddened me, particularly with the knowledge that I don't have a job in Warsaw and I'll be staying at home all the time with my three kids (the fourth one is in school). I don't really know what a lot of people are talking about when they talk about stuff going on at the embassy and then there are the things that you can't know because you don't have the correct colored badge. Not that I want to know...I just really feel excluded sometimes.

I know that when most spouses get together with people that their spouse works with they feel left out, but the whole reason we do what we do is because my husband works at the embassy. So there's a small portion of people to draw on there and most of them work at the embassy or having to do with the embassy...and I don't. But I guess that's neither here nor there.

I won't be working in Warsaw because I didn't get the job I wanted and there won't be anything else that I want to do. Plus, I never want to have to go through the interview process there again. I guess I feel like I failed because I didn't get the job, no matter that they wanted someone to start before I got there. Really, it's a humiliating experience to have to be interviewed by this group of 8 or 10 people that you won't be working for, only to find out that there was never a chance in hell of you getting the job in the first place. It's just that they can't make it seem like they based their decision on exactly what they based their decision on...

Now I have become a whiny blogger, but I don't think anyone is reading anymore anyway, so I suppose it's OK now.

Friday, May 11, 2007

WOW, time has actually begun to fly

I finished my environmental psychology class! I am SO relieved as that was a pain in the butt. Interesting subject matter, TERRIBLE instructor! Now it's Theories of Personality, which is also interesting but the more I study psychology the more I wonder what the heck I am going to do with this degree.

I've spent the past week packing up our lives into boxes. Time is zipping along as next week they come and take it all away. Hopefully it will get to Warsaw intact, but even if it doesn't we no longer have a lot of sentimental attachment to our "things".

Pamela has spent every weekend recording a CD with her friends Anna and Diane (pronounced Dee - ann). I wish I could attach the one song we have from all of this recording. It's pretty good, as long as you don't listen to the lyrics and realize that 3 12 year olds came up with them...

My other new past time is creating interesting dishes out of what we have left in our cabinets. If you've seen the very last episode of Friends where Monica created a pie out of cereal and other stuff left over, that's what it's like. Every day it's like, hmmm, what can I make with chicken breasts and cornstarch and dried cherries?!!!

We celebrated our 13th anniversary this week and I am amazed. It's wonderful, I feel like it hasn't been nearly that long and I've been crazy for most of it:). I have the most amazing husband (I know, how cliche) and I love him more and more as each year passes...

Well, I guess that's all I have for today. Until the movers come, I'm quite busy with the move. After that I will probably have lots of time to sit around and post blogs.