Friday, September 29, 2006

EWWW! Horror of horrors!

I never really thought that I had much to say, but today...after we took our middle son to the doctor for what we thought were nasty insect bites-only to find out that no...they were not bites...they were INSECTS! He'd gotten Tumba flies! I had all but forgotten about the warnings we received about them prior to our arrival. When Dylan called and said "It's tumba flies!" I was shocked. I had looked all the kids up and down for the first 6 months we lived here. Every little bite was cause for me to wonder about these horrific insects. They don't really do a lot, they can be painful and I think for Toby they were. But really, we're just hosts. They supposedly lay eggs in wet or damp clothing or towels and then when they come in contact with skin they burrow in and grow under the skin. They live there for about a week, so I've heard, and then they will pop out on their own. But, oh my gosh! Hearing about it the first time I thought, "Bugs? Living under my skin? It's a horror movie!" And now that I have seen them (Toby had 9) removed...ugh! It IS a horror movie. You see these little larvae moving around when they've been pulled out of your child. It was especially harsh because poor Toby's not even 2 years old and he's always got everything. He's always the sick one, I'm sure he's gotten Malaria once, but we're all on prophylaxis and so it cleared up.

I couldn't fathom how he could have had wet clothing as everything we have is machine dried to the point of almost damage to the fabric. Rose makes sure we're okay. But Rose didn't even recognize these. She was sure he had been attacked by a mosquito too. Our medical officer thinks that it's probably from wet grass, so now I won't let the kids go outside at all.

EWWWW, what a day!

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