Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coke Live Festival and more

So Pamela and went to the Coke Live Music Festival in Krakow this past weekend. It's taken me this long to completely recover, and even then...anyway. It was a lot of fun. A VERY tame concert environment where we camped for two nights and watched various and assorted music groups to include, Akon, Rihanna and Lily Allen. We actually missed Lily Allen because our train was late and I was bummed about that because I like her, but it was still fun to see the others.

Seth started school on Monday and we've been having some difficulty with Toby since then because Seth's school is an "embassy" preschool - somehow affliated with the embassy- and therefore follows the ASW schedule. So Pamela and Seth are on about the same page with school. Toby's school is a Polish preschool and the Poles don't start school until the beginning of September, so we've had one week of Toby flipping out when we leave Seth because he desperately wants to go to school too. He'll be alright, but man oh man, I am glad I decided to put them in at the same time. I don't know that I could handle a whole year of Toby being upset that he couldn't start school too.

And fall just fell on us this week. There was no gradual let down, we went from a hot weekend (about 85 degrees F) to suddenly 56 degrees. So we're kind of freezing now. The one thing that I can say I kind of miss about Ghana is that we always knew what to wear, there was no question that you could always dress like it was going to be 100 degrees outside. Here it's a bit more difficult.

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