Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rainy and cold in Warsaw...'s so cold in the house even. It was 49 degrees out the last time I checked and it's only September. Well, it's still better than Ghana.

Anyway, while I should be waking the two little ones and taking them to go pick Seth up, I'm blogging instead. Not that I really have anything to say.

I went to the gym for the first time since Houston (of course, I had my little home gym for the whole two years in Ghana, but there's something I like more about being in a place with other people who are also trying to get or stay in shape-even if we never talk since we have a language barrier). Since my gym is in the same parking lot as a large hipermarket here I was going to stop in and pick up a few items and Dylan's dry cleaning, but some man knocked on my window and asked me to roll the window down. I shook my head and drove away. Now I may be paranoid (remember I still have not let the mugging of 2 years ago go - not entirely anyway) but I couldn't even bring myself to stop and get out knowing that this man was still standing in the parking lot. I hope I didn't run over his foot or something...

Okay, I'll go wake two sleepy boys and we'll drag ourselves out into the cold Warsaw day and fetch Seth. Who still loves school. Toby is liking it better...they had music class today and Toby is our total lover of music. He sings ALL THE TIME. Blaise hated the gym and the girl there is not patient at all. Apparently less than 10 minutes of crying and that's enough for her. I get it, but my kids cry for AT LEAST 30 minutes when they are left...I don't know that the gym thing is going to work out (lol...punny).

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