Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Public Transport

Recently (um, yesterday) the young ones and I started taking public transport to school.

At the beginning of the school year, I (read: my husband) switched them to a different school. A school that is about 3 times the amount of driving time as the old school. Of course, Thrifty doesn't have to drive them. It's quite difficult to fit two small children on the back of a motorcycle.

So, after a bout of road rage where I attempted to run down a woman in a mini van who cut me off and then turned left from the right lane (where the children learned more words for their Chris Rock routine the next time they are around English speakers), I decided that for the sake of my sanity and our lives, I should quit driving.

It also makes drinking in the morning much more acceptable alleviates my hippie guilt.

However, there is only one bus line that leaves from where I live. And unfortunately, the route that it should take is under construction, so it's a long, jerky, bumpy ride that way.

So I do what anyone would do. I drive to a nice large grocery store parking lot that's in a better position than I am, park, and walk across the lot with my shopping bag to a better transport line.

And feel only slightly guilty about it.

I'm not sure if the lack of hippie guilt makes up for the "parking lot" guilt.

But it's working at keeping me somewhat sane. I have not yet tried to run over anyone who cut me off on the tram.

Although, it would be awesome to be a tram driver. Maybe I should look into that. Then I could run people down at will.

On second thought, they probably require good Polish skills. And they probably frown upon morning drinking.


  1. I'd appreciate you telling me in advance whether you've taken up tram driving and especially if it has been combined with morning drinking, just in case I go to Poland and find myself having to cross tram tracks.

  2. For tram driving, I guess, it would pay to learn Polish, don't you think? Polish with an Englih accent must sound really interesting...

  3. I've met many a bus driver who grunted responses to questions. Some even gesticulated wildly. You'll be fine. Afterall, you're on tracks, right?

  4. I wish they had public transportation here. Of course, I only live a mile and a half form my office, so it's not a big ordeal to drive there.

  5. Oh, no: no parking lot guilt! It simply means you're CLEVER and, um, BEATIN' DA MAN and stuff. Plus, if you've been drinking already, it gives you a venue for some staggering.

  6. I think you'd be great! How many Polish people know English cuss words anyway?

  7. Well.. my experience with public transport: I always look forward to coming to Ljubljana (our capital) but the second I take the city bus I get annoyed by the mean bus drivers. Mean!
    The comment's I have heard from bus drivers were just ... not nice.

  8. LOL. This is why God made Bloody Marys, Mimosas and (Bourbon) Milk Punch! Cheers!


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