Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another pleasant valley Sunday

Well, I think I have discovered the nature of Toby's Tumbu fly infestation (I previously posted it as tumba, but the correct spelling is tumbu). We visted Cape Coast about 3 weeks ago, and it had rained and the cushions in the restaurant were damp - which is the environment these insects like. It seems as though his infestation was just dumb bad luck.

Last night we went to Oktoberfest. They had beer on tap and lots of VERY LOUD music. But it was a fun time. Dylan had a blast, I talked to one person the whole time, but in fairness I hadn't seen her in some time and we were catching up. But Toby's tumbu fly infestation is such a hot topic here. Even the people who have had a tumbu fly have had only one at a time. It's amusing that with all of the deadly diseases we have the opportunity to get, tumbu flies are the most talked about thing.

Went to church this morning...uneventful. But this afternoon I went to Koala (the local grocery store) and couldn't find a parking place. That's not at all unusual. I had a guard trying to guide me into a spot too small. Never take driving instructions from someone who doesn't know how to drive. So I left. That's one of the biggest problems for me here. The frustration level is so high I rarely get anything accomplished.

I'm still working on the sheets and bedding from when I stripped Toby's bed, fearing that he had bed bugs or something like that. It takes so long for stuff to dry here, even in the dryer. And I think our washer leaks, but I can't prove it and I don't want to call GSO out to fix it since they mostly think we are just whiny foreigners who are just too picky. I think they're right, but I'd really like to not have a huge wet dirty area right below my dryer so that whenever you open the dryer door something falls into the mud and then has to be rewashed. Whiny...I know...when Rose washes her clothes in a big sink with bar soap and hangs them on the line out back to dry.

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