Monday, November 13, 2006

Blogging from Germany and a guest!

Dylan has offered to guest blog for this week. He's got an interesting take on things and he's funny too! So I'll let him have it for a few days. But as of right now, he's at the consulate and I'm sitting in the hotel with a sleeping baby so y'all have to listen to me:).

I'll let him tell you the funny stuff that happened on the flight-cause it's always funny. I'll blog my take on Germany. First, it's cold here but not as cold as I remember it being and I'm okay with the cold. It's quite a shock when you go from 95 degree weather to weather in the 30's but we're doing okay. It's a pretty gray day today, but again, I'm not bothered. I see bright sunny days every day. I am amazed by how bright the lighting is in every place here. But now I look old because I can see every little line on my face..."mood" lighting is what we have in Accra and I kind of like it;). Dylan and I were overwhelmed in the stores yesterday. We couldn't find anything to buy because there's just so much stuff. I did buy a new pair of running shoes, but I couldn't go running today because I didn't wake up with enough time to leave Blaise with Dylan.

I got an overall 97 in my abnormal psych class. I am kind of sad it's over. Now I'm in college comp II. I am not sure that this class was required in my other schools, because I should have already taken this one, but perhaps I overlooked it.

Dylan said yesterday when he went to buy food at Taco Bell, that he feels like he's special ed. I know what he means. We're so up on the whole world and know so much about so many other countries and then we come back (even though we're not in the States, we're on military bases and they're pretty close) and we're so out of touch. Things like using elevators and little things like that. I forgot that water is safe to drink out of the tap in other countries. I keep trying to buy bottles. And the power hasn't gone out once since we've been here.

Well, I am taking advantage of my break and since the baby is sleeping, I am going to take a nap. Something I haven't been able to do since Seth was the baby.

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