Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy blogger?

The last time I attempted to post to my blog, blogger was down and then I got busy with Thanksgiving and class so I got away from it. Somehow I am now in new blogger, but I don't see much difference yet, so we'll see.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We celebrated here with a turkey and our friends. Pamela actually had the day off school this year. She, of course, complained because she didn't have Friday off as well and yeah, it kinda bites to have to go back to work or school the day after, but Dylan doesn't get Friday off either. If he wants to take it off he has to take a day of leave and since Fridays are short days it doesn't make sense anyway... But I was very thankful that the school gave the kids Thanksgiving off this year. This is the first time since we were in Syria that it's been an official day off for Pamela and not just a day that we kept her home from school in protest. My ideas might change when I have 3 school aged kids running around:)

We have yet to take our Christmas family portrait to be made into a card. I suppose that's something we will do this weekend as we are getting pretty close to time to send the cards.

Rose's brother (who lives in Maryland) came to visit yesterday. He's a nice guy, works for USDA and he's funny too. Rose said that he sounds and behaves like an American. He bleaches his vegetables before he eats them and he made her wash the mangoes from the trees with distiller water (I don't blame him, not only does he work for USDA, they also delivered water the day before Thanksgiving and the water was diiirty, bleh!).

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