Friday, December 14, 2007

Gratutitous Fluff

Today I am a bad mom:(. Seth takes toys to school, hiding them in his lunch kit so that I don't see them. I have asked him not to take toys to school so that they don't accidentally get lost, and like his sister, he argues with me. I've tried checking his lunch kit before he walks out to the car, but now I see that he stashes them in the car until he can put them in his lunch. He inadvertantly pulled one out of the kit in front of me at school. I told him to give it to me, and he began to cry. Then, after he had changed into his slippers (they all wear slippers inside, it's a Polish thing) he stormed up the stairs from the cloakroom and didn't even say goodbye to me. There was no yelling, just some mild crying and storming off, but all the other parents were staring at me afterwards, almost as though I had beaten him right there. Am I wrong to not let him take toys to school?

And a picture for y'all. Just to spread some Christmas cheer! And I'm trying to incorporate more photos in my blog, since I really enjoy reading blogs with photos. Perhaps it stems from's like a picture book:). This photo is one of the many handpainted Polish ornaments that I have bought. I just think they are so beautiful.

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  1. wow that is beautiful Kylie..and no you're not a bad mom, we go through the don't take your toys to school thing here too...


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