Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some Pamela stuff

Since I don't actually write about Pamela all that much AND a couple of things have happened in the last couple of days that have been Pamela related, I'm writing up a post dedicated to Pamela.

But first a picture:
She loves to take pictures of herself.

Yesterday, when we were on our way back from Seth's school, we were talking about our upcoming trip to the States. Since Pamela has never really lived in the States (we moved when she was less than 2 and we moved back for 9 months when she was in 2nd grade and then 1 year when she was in 5th) she has a very interesting perspective on it. Yesterday she asked me why nothing is old there. The conversation went like this:

Pamela: "The States is so weird. It's like it's not real. Do you know what I mean?"

Me: "Not exactly, how do you mean?"

P: "Like it's all so clean and plastic. It's like a make believe land."

M: "I see now. I totally get that it's really clean (as compared to all the places we have lived). Americans tend to be afraid of filth."

P: "It's like...there's like...Nothing is old there. You know? You look around here and buildings have been here forever. And there it's like "this is the place for shopping and this is the place for living" but here it's like, you live here and there's a store in the bottom of the apartment building...or outside your neighborhood. You don't HAVE to go to Walmart for everything."

M: "Well, there's actually not much that is old in Warsaw. Most everything was rebuilt after the 2nd World War. But I get you. Here it LOOKS old and in the States it's not. The States sometimes seems like Disneyland."

Can you believe she's 13?

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  1. Pamela is a beautiful girl..and it is so interesting to hear her perspective, especially since I've never lived anywhere but the states... thanks Pamela


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