Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm back! (Sort of)

I promised some of my lovely Facebook blogging friends that I would have a post up this week. "Write, Monkey! Write!"

I'm still at a loss for words - not because anything bad has happened, but mostly because I think I just ran out of funny. Of course, practice actually helps to keep the words rolling and I'm well out of practice now.

So, for now, I leave you with this:

Tigger saw this on the shelf at our local grocery store (which remains anonymous - HAHA!)

She said, "What in the heck is this? Carrots and corn in a jar? Who thought this was a good idea?"

Then she turned it around.

"OOh! It's a little surprise! When you turn it around it's not JUST carrots and corn. It's PEAS, carrots and corn! How exciting!"

See, I told you I was all out of funny.


  1. It's an instant salad. Just add mayo (or other sauce of your choice). That's the idea. No need to buy 3 cans of different veggies. With a chopped hard boiled egg you get a classic veggie salad.

  2. Yes, koala's right.

    Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back, you've been missed.

  4. I can so relate. Not to the surprise in a jar thing, but the not writing thing. I have much to write about, but can't find time lately. Glad to hear from you though!

  5. This has been a good weekend. I passed my motorcycle riding course. Then as I am catching up on blogs, my eyes lit up when I saw your blog name with a new post. Glad to hear from you.

    You can always find something new and interesting in the market if you look hard enough huh? Did you buy it?! What does it taste like? Like real veggies? Or just bland? (You know like all the veggies at Subway. I still eat there when I'm broke.)

  6. Where HAVE you been? You know you have been missed right? That jar is brilliant, but I'm a tad disappointed, with all that effort they should have included a tier for every vegetable on the planet.

  7. Well there you go - they are covering the babyfood vegetable spectrum.

  8. Well, welcome back you lazy - but still funny - wench! Or is that title: Lazy But Still Funny Monkey?

    I LOVE the stuff I find in the Polish market. It's just one "WTF?" after another. When I take my mother, I show her the random crap I find and she's like, "What? Don't look at me. You're just as Polish as I am." ::smile:: I think the pea surprise is LOVELY...although I would NOT throw mayo in there and call it a salad. Ugh!

  9. Woot!! I'm so glad you are back! And j'adore pics of weird stuff people find in supermarkets...I've been known to post an odd thing, or two, or ten. Very cool!

  10. Babes, that IS funny--the fact that peas make it suddenly cool. For me, if anything, peas detract.

    But really, I'm just so NOT about vegetables in a jar or can.

  11. Welcome back! God, I love foreign supermarkets. What a great idea. Give peas a chance!


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