Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How I Became a Grinch...

Not really, but I am just feeling pretty Grinchy lately.

Last week I injured my neck and was heavily drugged for a few days. Unable to do anything made me feel helpless (and VERY grateful for Rose, because I don't think I would have survived without her). Now I am just trying to figure out how not to re injure it, since I don't know what I did in the first place.

Mail is taking longer than it did before...that's expected since it's Christmas time, mail is always slower during the holidays. Yesterday was the last day to get stuff mailed to get here on time and I mailed my last 2 packages back to the States.

There was a Cookie Exchange last weekend and this weekend is Bunko and then a goofy Gift Exchange. We've got quite a bit to contribute to the gift exchange...and when I was in Germany I picked up Bunko prizes.

I guess I am not in a blogging mood today...I know I need to update, but I just don't have anything interesting to say right now. Some funny stuff happened, but I didn't write it down and now I don't remember what it was...

Maybe tomorrow.

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