Monday, March 12, 2007

Things I Will Miss About Ghana

As we come up on our last 14 weeks here in Ghana, I have decided to blog the things I will miss about this place.

  1. The people we greet on our morning and/or evening walks. The chop bar ladies, the barber, all of the guards and the vendors selling their goods. And the people at Needle Talk:).
  2. Rose. We have finally gotten to a friendship status and now our time is short.
  3. The Monday morning playgroup at the Grasscutter's. Being that there are no nannies there it makes me feel like I am in a "normal" place, where everyone doesn't have a nanny and people actually have to spend time with their children.
  4. The impromptu traffic cops. A person crossing the street will see there is a need for traffic direction (the lights are out or just aren't timed correctly or just aren't there at all - that happened to me this morning) and will just take it upon himself to direct traffic. These are usually people who have never driven a car and they usually do a much better job than the actual traffic cops.
  5. Perpetual summer!
  6. Greenwich Mean Time! It makes life so much easier. We're on GMT, and GMT doesn't change so we don't either.
  7. The fabrics! The colors are so beautiful and look so wonderful on dark skin.
  8. Mangoes, Pineapple, Bananas and Papaya! Once you have had them here, you cannot eat and enjoy them anywhere else. The negative is that there are only so many you can eat before you get bored.
  9. I should say the beach, but we didn't go that often. Turns out I don't care much for the beach. But I will miss the ability to go if I wanted to. Being able to swim all year 'round though even not at the beach.
  10. The wet season! Accra is lush and green during the wet season and looks like what one expects a tropical paradise to look like, provided you don't look too closely.

I'll try to continue to add. I know there is more. Tomorrow is what I won't miss.

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