Thursday, May 31, 2007

Funny/Cute Story

We went to a "nice" hotel in town because they have an ice cream shop (you can't get ice cream in this country unless it's shipped in from the West and then it's usually seriously freezer burned and $3 for a small cone. They do have a local brand that is not so bad though.) The boys get really excited because we rarely go out.

Anyway, this is a "good" albeit expensive ice cream shop and we have to fight traffic to get there. We get there and get our ice cream (had another experience that I won't mention right now) and then we are getting ready to leave. As we are leaving the hotel, we spot the escalators. This is the only building in town with escalators and they're only up escalators. Dylan says, "Boys, do you remember Corduroy?" Yes, Corduroy, the U.S. book that was published in 1958 where the bear goes up the escalator. So the boys laugh and enjoy their ride on the escalator, while the guard is laughing - only because until he got this job he also had never seen an escalator.

Going back to Warsaw, they have escalators in all the malls. I think we could be entertained for a couple of days at least:).

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