Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

Okay, so last night was the 4th of July reception. The thing I really hate about these things is that I tend to drink a lot to make it easier to talk with people and to make time pass, but then the next day I think I seemed like an idiot. Even though I know I did ABSOLUTELY nothing to be embarrassed about.

I have never been to a 4th of July reception and so I was surprised by the grandiosity of it all. But I think that could be a Ghana thing again... I was very disappointed that there was no embassy party, just the reception. So it was basically a working event all night. And because there was rain there were no fireworks.

Yesterday we bought yet another stroller. Dylan is getting agitated at the amount of strollers we have, but I wanted to get a double that I could use on public transport and that would fit through doors. I bought a Chicco side by side. It's a lot like the Maclarens of the same type. And it's a full 2 inches narrower than our jogger that we have been using. I love the jogger/walker running around on footpaths, but I just had to have something that I could use on public transport and the jogger is just too cumbersome. And the jogger BARELY fits through doorways. We're going to try to sell our single and double Gracos when they get here. We tried selling all of our strollers in Ghana, but no one needs a stroller because there's no where to walk there.

We were going to spend yesterday going out and looking at our house, but it turns out that they haven't done anything to it yet. But they still say we'll move in on the 17th (yes, it used to be the 13th, but the only person who knew that was Al and there are MANY things he has been so wrong about).

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