Monday, July 02, 2007

Lunatics on the tram

I took Pamela's hair out of the braids. She was getting really tired of them, partially because she looked pretty foreign here...but not that foreign really because Poles do lots of interesting things to their hair. Now I am seeing it's like they dye their hair to match their outfits, which is very possible because there is an abundance of temporary hair color in this country.

If I had the right USB cable I could post a picture of Pamela's hair right after we took out to braids, it was really cute. She looked like an 80's rock star.

Dylan does these things some times on public transportation. He'll be standing and holding on to the bar and he'll jump up and just hang from the tram. Some of the Poles think he's amusing, but most of them think he's just a lunatic. Toby sings all kinds of songs at the top of his lungs, and Seth is probably the best behaved of the lot and he's the one that unpleasant old women will make comments to.

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