Monday, November 05, 2007

After a month...and a tank trail

So we went to Germany over the Polish holiday weekend so that I could CLEP some classes and we could do a little shopping. I took two tests, which equals 2 classes (if I pass) and the money that we spend on the gas and lodging in Germany more than makes up for the amount that I would have to pay to take the classes. Let alone that fact that every test gets me a little closer to graduation and the ability to start making money instead of sending us more and more into debt.

Anyway, we went with another family and while mostly everything was okay, at one point Dylan turned onto what looked to be not a main road on the base. Now the base we were staying on is a training base, so there are lots of ranges and big "army colored vehicles" as Pamela put it (which just cracked me up since she's a military kid). We turned off the main road and followed signs to the other base, until we came around a corner and there were TANKS with their weapons pointed in our general direction. MY HEART ALMOST STOPPED...and I'm an Army wife! Anyway, the people following us came upon the same tank formation (we went on through) and when we finally met up with them again they said that "the kids were scared" but we were telling them that it was okay. I was like THE KIDS??? I almost died...that's the closest I've ever been to a tank and the turrets were pointed AT US! It's really funny in hindsight...but NEVER EVER go off the main road on a military base!

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