Monday, November 26, 2007

Of cranberries and homework

So this weekend, I never checked moodle to see if Pamela had any assignments because I was kind of busy with Thanksgiving. My fault, except the fact that she's 13 years old and shouldn't she be at the age where she can keep track of her own schoolwork? Anyway, she's late on at least two assignments because no one checked up on her. I'm pretty frustrated because I feel like I am always the one who has to check up on her and I just wasn't that kind of student. I had some sort of inner motivation. I doubt that Pamela will be going to college.

Blaise gets into the lowest drawer in the kitchen and takes things out all the time. Dylan hates having child locks on everything because he thinks it looks ugly, which is fine because he's not the one who has to clean up the entire contents of Nesquik or a bag of $7 cranberries when Blaise dumps the entire thing onto the floor.

The dryer is emitting a electrical fire smell, so I have discontinued using it. Unfortunately I now have two loads of wet clothes that are just waiting until someone from the embassy can get off their butts and come down here. Apparently fire hazard is not that big of a deal when it comes to driving out to Konstancin in the snow flurries. Can't wait til blizzard conditions...nothing will get accomplished.

Toby touched the iron after I told him several times not to because it was hot. Apparently he needed proof. Seth is just in a bad mood like he always is when he comes home from school and because two kids climbed into bed with me last night (one of whom thought that 3 AM is a time to be awake and talking to Mommy), I didn't go for my morning run this morning and was unable to fit it in during the short nap that Blaise and Toby got.

Today I also had to turn down the most fascinating job offer I've had in...well...pretty much my whole life. It didn't pay enough to get a nanny, it paid Polish wages, and apparently the reason the nannies are so well educated is because it's SO much better to be paid $7 an hour nannying than anything that would actually use your Master's degree in Geology (yes, I'm thinking of one specific nanny here).

So overall I'm in a pretty crappy mood today. And now I need to clean up the rest of the cranberries and then make dinner for just the kids and me.

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  1. wow! you've had a day...go have a glass of wine...or better yet maybe a bottle...I can so relate to days like that


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