Monday, November 12, 2007

New Class...

Everyone who still reads my blog will be confused by the posting of 3 new posts in a very short time (2 days!) but I was thinking about my new class that started today and I was thinking about how I should really be reading for this class, but here I am surfing the web. I seem to always do that in the beginning of a class.

There's a cool blog about lists by Sasha Cagen. She goes on to say how much our lists really say about us. And she has a book coming out on lists. Pretty cool! I'm going to start to make note of my lists now.

Other than that, Dylan gets road rage on the roads here...constantly. I'm not sure what bothers him so and I drive a HECK of a lot more than he does...but he's having trouble. I may have to start driving everywhere. Today he told me that traffic is so bad on the way to Seth's school perhaps I should just take him at a different time (the other day I was feeling bad because the director asked me if Toby would go there next year and I said no, but I didn't have the chance to tell her that it's not because it's not an AWESOME school. It SO is, but the traffic is killer and I can't imagine spending the next 3 years of my life driving to and from that school, so Toby will stay on where he is.).


  1. Hello, fellow Rice Krispie! It is so cool that you live in Poland - my husband's parents are from Poland and our dog obeys several Polish commands ;)

  2. I am such a list person, so I'm really intrigued by that list link. I've bookmarked it to check out later.

    Go Krispies! ;)



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