Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too Much Information

Pooh goes to a Montessori preschool. The director, who is also his teacher, is a very interesting character.

I've never really talked about her here, but she's hilariously funny without trying to be. I'm always pretty paranoid that people I know are going to find my blog, so I often try not to talk about people I know in real life. Of course, sometimes I get a little sideways and tell such people that I write this blog.

Anyway, because I'm usually not drunk at the preschool, I've never told the director about my blog.

So now she's fair game.

Last week, she told me that Pooh's favorite book was this one:

And Pooh's favorite part of the book is this one:

So Pooh showed me the book and I said, "Yes, that's the way you were born, but sometimes the doctor has to cut the mom's belly and take the baby out that way."

And the director said "Now, that's too much information."

THAT'S too much information? When exactly does it become too much information? I suppose it's when we start talking about surgery.

Update: This is the page about how babies get there in the first place:

My particular favorite is the man and woman lying in bed apparently thinking love thoughts.


  1. They never told me that stuff when I was that age. I still believe that storks bring babies...

  2. I hope that the rest of the book was not as, shall we say, illustrative, about other aspects of this process. THAT would be TMI.

  3. Does the first page of the book say, "When a man and a woman love each other very, very much...."??

  4. preeeeschoool??? isn't that too early for any of that? if you're going to have a book with diagrams and words like VAGINA, what's a little "cutting the baby out of mommy's tummy" talk?

    i'm very old fashioned, though. i worry that my kids will be the weird ones still eating tuna sandwiches wrapped in wax paper. or something.

  5. okay I taught elementary school and when kids ask me where babies come from (especially when I was pregnant) I told them to be sure to ask mom/dad. And my son (4) knows he was cut out of my stomach. That is odd that she thought saying that is taking it too far but vagina under microscope pics are not...???
    Kids are smart and they understand and can handle A LOT.Just my two cents.
    :) tina

  6. Oi. So much of my baby-making activity (fruitful or not) has taken place outside of beds and/or love thoughts.

    So WTF on the TMI comment? Sheesh.

  7. Seriously??? I mean the verbiage next to the couple in bed is TMI...That is stuff I have "heard" are in those books with Fabio on the cover (No I have never read them myself ;)) What the HECK!!?!? I understand that Europeans are more open about thier bodies and sexuality as a whole, but this is too much for kids so young.

  8. When I'm in bed with a man, I only ever have thoughts of little hearts.

  9. I wish they had used this book to teach us the reproductive system in Phy Sci 111C.

  10. Oh, I think you have a future doctor on your hands.

  11. Tellingh him THAT? What on earth were you thinking???


    He already knows more than I did when I was quite a few years older, I guess...

  12. OMG Kylie! That is so funny! Right now Landon's favorite book is The Truth About Poop which is way below his reading level, but he'll go into the bathroom to read it, while he's well..pooping...and all I hear are these peels of laughter...
    now that's too much information..LOL

  13. I was looking at this while Addie was sitting in my lap. She asked if babies come from legs and feet. She thought the belly looked liked a foot...LOL


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