Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Allergies, Allergies

I'll apologize for my lack of posts, but many of you are subscribers and probably don't notice too much when I'm missing. I just haven't popped up in a few days.

Anyway, this is day 8 of the worst cold ever. I woke up and told Dylan that my neck is stiff and I'm pretty sure I have meningitis. Because I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac.

It's also been raining for, oh, about 8 days.

Today, on my way home from dropping off the boys at school, I thought "You know, I feel an awful lot like I always did in Houston when I was a kid."

And then, in one big "DUH!" moment, I realized I have allergies.

Yeah. My 8 day long cold, is just allergies. From the rain, of all things.

So, amusingly, my two children who suffer from horrible hay fever feel fabulous right now.

And I feel like there's a cloud inside my brain.

Which explains this post entirely.

I'm not as entertaining as these guys. Which is kind of sad.


  1. Oh, ick! Allergies are terrible. I am on a year-round regimen of allergy meds, nose spray and allergy shots just so I can breathe. When we were away last week, I realized I had gone several days without so much as a snuffle. Within 6 hours of getting home, I was back to my regularly scheduled spluttering. *sigh* Hope you feel better soon!

  2. PS Oops, I forgot to say - I also diagnose myself with meningitis whenever I don't feel well and my neck hurts! I thought I was the only one. You're awesome :-)

    Hypochondriacs of the world, unite! (But nobody breathe on anybody, ok?)

  3. I have a sneaking that most of my "colds" that I tend to get around this time of the year are related to allergies. Hope you feel as right as rain (chuckle) soon.

  4. I remember feeling that way when I lived in Houston, too. But here in Austin, I get migraines whenever the oaks bloom, which just ended.

    And thanks for the Ladies! They are my favorite!

  5. Man, we listen to BNLadies' whole album, SNACK TIME, all the time.

    My hubby has the allergies, too, and they are the suck.

    But, er, congrats on not having the menengitis.

  6. I hate allergies with a passion. Mine haven't been awful this year for some reason. Neither have my husband's or the kids'...weird, but true.

    Take care. Take lots of drugs and make people feel sorry for you.


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