Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Christmas Stuff

So on Christmas Eve, I said we had no water all day. And I think I also said that our main computer died. Dylan cut his hand open pretty badly when doing dishes. Unfortunately he was alone with the baby because the older kids and I were at the pool. So he was just sitting here bleeding. And I don't take my cell phone (even when it has units-which it doesn't right now) to the pool because that's where I lost my last one. So he called our friend Joy, who lives right next to the pool and she walked over, but I was already on my way home. We didn't take him for stitches although we probably should have.

The A/C was out at church. Monsignor said that it went out on Friday and they just hadn't gotten it fixed yet, but I don't think we have ever used the A/C in church. It didn't feel particularly hotter than it ever did, but I think Monsignor was hot. It's got to be hot standing up in all his garments under the lights and with the candles burning.

Joy came over to open presents. She bought Pamela the Beatrice Letters (Pamela was so excited) and the boys two adorable towels (a puppy and a duck). She made me a sweet scrapbook page about friendship. Very sweet.

Then Christmas morning, our plan was the same as last year. Get up, go to Mass, then come home and open presents. But this year we had two awake boys at 6:30 who then woke up their smallest sibling and then the oldest one. I think they finally got it this year. So we had to get up and open presents and then go to Mass. Which worked out just fine. And when Monsignor is presiding, there's never a problem with loud kids. He loves loud kids. Says they're just praying and less inhibited than adults. We like him. But the Nuncio...well he doesn't like kids and that can be difficult.

We had dinner with Joy and Jeccel. I wasn't too into making dinner this year for some reason, but I did it. I was pretty ready when people went home.

I feel a cold coming on. Started last night. I hope I can exercise it away.

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