Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sick and Tired...

Last night when I was in the shower I was staring at the peeling paint on the ceiling and thinking that I am so tired of peeling paint and dirt and taking showers and bathing in water that's obviously dirty. We can't wash clothes the day they deliver water because the water is too dirty to wash clothes. You have to wait until the dirt settles. Well, now there's a water shortage so they're only filling up our tanks 1/4 so we, as a family of 6 and Rose, Albert, and Adrana, have to have the tank filled every other day. So basically no clothes washing can take place. It's frustrating. Someone was telling me that they don't really have a water shortage, they just don't know how to utilize the water that they do have. I have a strong tendency to believe that but I don't know what his sources are.

This picture is of the water in the sink as it runs out of the tap. How does anything get clean? It doesn't. Everything is covered with a layer of dirt.

Still feeling pretty Grinchy. Still not understanding the holiday. Still tired of living in Ghana... getting tired of living anywhere.

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