Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why I won't buy a Mac

Recently, as I have posted, our main computer died. We decided to upgrade to a new computer. Several of the people we know here are the dreaded "Mac Users" and keep trying to convince us to upgrade to a Mac. Mac users are a cult, and strangely like Marines. They are the few, the elite, the Mac users...but they still want people to join them. How can you be the elite few if people all join you?

While they are nice looking, here are the reasons I will not buy a Mac.

1) THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANYTHING BUT THEMSELVES! This is my biggest complaint. For the last 14 months I have had an iPod, and in that time it crashed and would no longer update with my iTunes. I have loved my iPod, it changed my workouts and made them ever so much more interesting, but it crashed. I have been told Apple doesn't make things that crash. But my iPod did. So what do you hear from Mac users? It's because you weren't running it on a Mac. Apparently - and this is true - my crashed iPod will work on a Mac. But that's the very reason I don't want to buy one. I don't want to be forced into buying something because what they have sold me won't work on what I already have. How difficult would it be to make Apple products compatible?

2) Mac users are a in a cult. I just don't want to join a cult. I don't believe them when they tell me everything runs better on a Mac and after owning an iPod it's really tough to believe that a Mac will make my life better.

The ironic thing about this stupid iPod thing is that it crashed a few months ago and we were able to bring it back to life. I then received a portable docking speaker system for my iPod for Christmas and then 4 days after Christmas, my iPod died. So now I have a new speaker system that is specially designed for my old iPod and will work with a newer one, but they're thinner so I can tell that it won't last as long with the newer one. Plus, I have the old Griffin iTrip, which will not work with newer iPods - planned obsolescence. I would just not buy another iPod, but Apple has all my music in iTunes already...and after that you're pretty much stuck.

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