Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Harmattan is here!

Sounds exciting but it's not. Harmattan literally is " ill wind that blows nobody good...". It's dusty and dry and everyone is coughing and sneezing. Last year it was pretty mild, only the sun got a little kind of looked like there were clouds covering it. This year, I don't think it's terrible - yet - but it sure is messing with my sinuses and it looks like it's always foggy outside. I hope it doesn't last long. Due to the louvered windows in our home, the dust comes right inside, like it belongs here. Kind of like the ants that think this is their home too. I am okay with insects living outside, but the house is mine and I don't like to share with them.

Went to Koala again today. It's always a painful experience. We should become vegetarians. The vegetable lady just walks right up to your car and you tell her what you want. She doesn't have everything - but then neither do the grocery stores - but at least you don't have to get out of the car. It's a drive thru! Maybe the States wouldn't have obesity problems if they had drive thrus like we do here:). Not a single fast food place, but you can get a refill card for your phone or produce or even t-shirts drive thru here.

This weekend we switched the playroom and the office, so now the office is upstairs and the playroom is downstairs. While I liked the office being downstairs, after Toby's fall I decided I didn't really want the boys running up and down the stairs. Now I need to actually get everything organized (and find the key to the old playroom, so that the boys don't go in there and got through my scrapbook stuff, like they did today when I was trying to get Blaise down for a nap). I tell everyone, Rose and Pamela (she goes back to school next week) that I am going up to put Blaise down and that the boys have ABSOLUTELY no reason to be upstairs and still I am shooing kids out of the room while I try to get the baby down. Then I find out that the boys were in the office. So having people to "help" me is almost useless.

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