Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No chicken today - tomorrow.

So today is the third or fourth day I have gone looking for chicken and have not found any. At Koala they told me "no chicken today, tomorrow." Yes, they have said this for 4 days in a row now. I don't believe them, not that I ever did.

So I bought some ostrich sausage, 'cause it looked interesting.

I also picked up a couple of ice cream cones for the boys and a little cup of "surprise" ice cream for me. Seriously, that's what it's called. It comes in a blue yogurt type container and it's called FanGold Surprise. Usually I wouldn't pick up anything in Ghana that was billed as a surprise, but this time I did and it's okay. It like vanilla with English toffee in it. Not bad. It could be much worse, like fish with seashells in it.


  1. Hi Kylie. Happy New Year!

    Based on a quick perusal of your blog, it's rather evident you like to shop at Koala;-) Might I suggest that you try Maxmart, and a few other shopping centres in town. There's one near what-used-to-be-Cresta-Royal, but is now FIESTA (Dzorwolu), where they have some good, clean meat. It's near the traffic lights and the name eludes me, but I would encourage you, as a way of not feeling so tired about living in Ghana to, erm, expand your horizons in Ghana;-)

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