Friday, January 19, 2007

Malaria Dreams

Last week I finished reading Malaria Dreams by Stuart Stevens. A very funny look at West Africa. I have read many reviews where they said that he was unfair to the Africans, but for the most part his experiences have been similar to mine. Just very amusing. Unfortunately now I must concentrate on my philosophy textbooks, which I would rather not.

We're still waiting on our computer. It's taken some time, Dylan is getting worried. I hope it doesn't get rejected. We had one box rejected in NY for size. I have no idea why it was too big to go through the pouch.

I was at Koala again yesterday and the clerk (who was very nice and an asset to the store, she was friendly and efficient - unfortunately I do not have her name), asked if Seth and Toby are twins. I got that in the States this summer too, but now that Seth is 4 he is actually looking a heck of a lot more like a little boy and less like a baby. Seth is significantly taller than Toby - but they were sitting down so I can understand not noticing that. According to his checkup, he is only in the 50% percentile, but there is only one 4 year old here who is taller than him. So perhaps American kids are really tall?

Oh, I bought Chiclets from Lebanon in Koala yesterday. Mastic flavor - since I didn't know what that was and my choices were Mastic, Strawberry and Licorice (I HATE licorice), I picked up some Mastic (to try) and Strawberry. Well, Mastic is carrot flavored gum - ew. So never get the Mastic. But now I know, provided I remember.

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