Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Koala shopping on a holiday?

As I read the title of my post I realize I must explain. Koala is the name of a grocery store here in Accra - although I am amused at the visualization of a koala shopping on a holiday.

So today is a Muslim holiday - although I am not entirely sure of that, often holidays (particularly Muslim ones in a mostly Christian country that knows that they get to take off Muslim holidays too) are moved to the most convenient day. Such as the 2nd of January. Sunday is typically a holiday, and then Jan 1st is a holiday, so why not make 2 Jan a Muslim holiday? Who's going to know?

So anyway, we wake up to the absence of Mr. Richard's sweeping the yard. Mr. Richard has been on holiday for the past week, which was okay, except that technically he got his month off in June, so he asked for the week between Christmas and New Year off. Okay, no problem. But then on January 2nd, no Mr. Richard. I think he knows it's a holiday - we weren't told it was a holiday for the embassy until Friday. So now we're wondering if he's coming back tomorrow.

Then we go to Koala for weekly grocery shopping and can't find carrots. It's just slightly irritating to me that I can't get everything that I am looking for when I want it. I shouldn't get too upset, but little minor things like carrots...it's just the supply is so inconsistent. Next week when I go they'll probably have loads of carrots. I just don't like having to drive all over town to get what I am looking for when it's such - or what I consider to be - a common item.

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