Friday, June 29, 2007

Musze uczyc Polskiego

So Polish classes start on Monday...maybe...I haven't talked to Kasia yet.

Today we went to the new house and I feel so much better about it now. The kitchen is not nearly as small as I had imagined it. We bought paint, which was expensive, and I just purchased borders - which were also expensive. I figured I had promised the boys a Nemo room so I had to get their border, Pamela's border was integral to the colors in her room (we got the contractor to paint her room two colors -lime and light blue- which we only picked because they matched the border), and since I didn't have them paint the kitchen or bathrooms I got borders for those rooms so that there will be color in those rooms. These houses have a reputation for just being white, and during the Polish winters - ah, it's too much. Hopefully now we will get to stay until Pamela graduates from high school.

Two funny things. The hotel has a revolving door and the boys LOVE the revolving door. Earlier I said, please don't play in the revolving door because I don't know that it would stop if you fall down...remember that. So Seth went to get in the revolving door and it's one of the kinds that has the glass partition in the middle that also has decorations in it. So Seth ran smack into the middle of it. He was okay, but a little shocked. Toby then ran in and when he saw we were on the outside of the door, tried to leave through a pane of glass. He hit his head and looked a little shocked, then the door promptly hit him and knocked him down. It proceeded to just push him around on the floor with us trapped outside it until a nice Westin employee rescued him. This technology is killing us.

Speaking of which, Dylan has been bothering me all week to go to the paint store and make sure they have all the paint colors in stock. I told him, yeah, that's not going to happen. So he was annoyed, but I tried to explain that I don't think they actually run out here. So he asked the contractor at the house if we can just go and get it or do we have to place an advance order. They looked at him like he was from Mars. They said, you just go and they mix up the colors there. WAWA, West Africa wins again and apparently continues to even after you leave:).

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