Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dude Looks Like A Lady

So you know this boy:

Toby with his absolutely stunning new haircut!

And you know this (wo) man.

How are they connected? The (wo) man is the boy’s godfather. Did we make a *great* choice or what?

Kidding, because the (wo) man was dressed up for Relay For Life (he raised $200 in 15 minutes). So really, we made a fabulous choice and take full credit for the fact that Jerry and Lisa ARE the best godparents there ever were (sorry to all the rest of my kids’ godparents, y’all just don’t cut it;). If any of you actually CURE cancer, then I will consider you for godparent of the year;).

(And no, I am not just sucking up to Lisa because I totally used her photograph without her permission and forgot to credit it to her.)

And today I started thinking about my kids' names. Now, I often think about my kids' names and usually I have to ask them to remind me which one they are, but when I got this envelope from Seth's school yesterday I realized that we have done our children a horrible disservice.

Yes, it says "Seph" and that's how they say his name "Sef" (they don't have that silly "ph" or "th" sound in Polish so I assume that they spelled it like that because they figure that's how Americans would spell it).

They say "Toby" like "Tubby" which is funny, but kind of sad. Hope he doesn't grow up with an eating disorder. And Toby's just in double trouble because in the U.S. I think it's a dog's name. It always reminds me of that line from Indiana Jones "We named the DOG Indiana."

(I'm about halfway through with my ATCs. No one is as superfast as Lisa, I bet, but how are y'all doing on them anyway?)


  1. I have about half of my ATC's finished. I must admit I am struggling with them and have decided that ATC's are not really my cup of tea. When I finish with this challenge, I may never do another one.

  2. hmmmmmmm..I haven't started on my ATCs. I need to start this weekend.

  3. Your poor kids, Tubby could be really bad if it sticks when he is older! I did finish my ATCs really fast, I just wrote my name on the back of a playing card! lol


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