Monday, April 21, 2008


Poland is a white country. When my sister came to visit live with us back when Seth was born (which, unfortunately for the girl who had never seen snow, was the middle of a harsh winter), she said of Poland, “The houses are white, the ground is white, the sky is white and the people are white! It’s THE whitest place on earth!”

In spite of this (or because of it), I NEVER expected it to be a segregated country. Was I in for a shock when I went to buy laundry detergent!

Vizir "do białego" "for whites".

Vizir "do kolorów" "for colors".

I bought the Vizir for colors, because racism and segregation are just wrong! Fight the system my friends!


  1. Separate detergents for whites and for colors would never work in our household. Dear Hubby would never be able to keep it straight (Yes, I am fortunate that he does a lot of the laundry) I'm with you -- go for the colored!


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