Friday, April 11, 2008

You've got questions...

What does a blogger do when she's being lazy and doesn't really want to write a post? Answer questions, of course:).

RobinDiane commented on this post: "OMG! That is unbelievable. Question: Is it illegal to sale or illegal to use? Because it is going to be hard to hide that baby when you are using it???? LOL"

The beauty of being a diplomat is that I can just get blue license plates for it and no one will question me (sorry, that's only funny to Trevor and Amy, Dylan and Amanda).

But seriously, I got the impression that it was illegal to have them and sell them (I also talked with Magda and with Szymonek's dad - don't you just love it when you're a parent and you're someone's mom or dad? I truly have no idea what his name is - and they had never seen anyone but foreigners with them and have never seen them for sale in Poland). Now IF I were ever to be stopped on my bike with my trailer (and that's really a HUGE IF) I would just say in my worst accent ever "Jen Dobree" (Dzien Dobry, it actually sounds more like Gin Dobray) and they would roll their eyes, sigh really heavily and wave me on because they would know there was no way they could have a real conversation with me.

But on the subject of bike trailers, the plot thickens. First I saw this today:It was attached to a bike in a parking lot. When I went back to take the photo it was gone (no I don't think it was confiscated contraband), so this one is credited to craigslist.

And then I found that there is a Burley distributor here in Poland. So what's the deal with Decathlon? I think it's an elaborate plot to keep me in my minivan and I bet ninjas are involved.


  1. Ninjas huh? I still believe its a conspiracy to keep us dependant on gas and to keep the oil barons rich!
    Nay...I think you're right Ninjas are way cooler!

    You are too funny Kylie, keep it up I depend on your blog to lighten my mood!

  2. Addie will send the Power Rangers Ninja Storm to rescue you. LOL

    I agree with is a conspiracy.


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