Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What do you mean "It's Illegal"?

So last week I said I had a good idea for a "Going Green" post, but then I got sidetracked (and finished my ATCs!) and didn't do it. Well, don't get your hopes up because today is not the day...but it does have something to do with "going green".

When we lived in Germany, years ago, I walked most places and went on Volksmarches on the weekends. I rode my bike, with Pamela on the back, to the next town when I needed to. I decided that because here there is a bike path pretty much from my house to Toby's (& soon to be Blaise's) school, that I should get out and get a bike and a trailer and go more green. I drive WAY too much.

So I've been looking for a bike trailer and then finally I found one at Decathlon's website. We went to Decathlon last night to check it out.

Dylan: We're looking for this (points at the words I've written down).
Store clerk: We have one, but I think it's broken. We're not allowed to sell it. Maybe we will get the green light next week.
Dylan: Well, can we look at it?
Store Clerk: Yes, wait right here. (goes into storage room in the back and is gone a LONG time, we assume he is assembling said item).
Store Clerk (upon returning from the black hole of a back room): No, you cannot look at it. It is illegal to have them here because the Polish government says that it is illegal to have something trailing the bicycle. We have to send them back to France. (Decathlon is a French company).

Apparently a bicycle trailer is the breakdown of society. Never mind the people who drive like maniacs along the road from, well, ANYWHERE. Bicycle trailers are going to be the downfall of the rest of Europe, but not Poland...they're illegal here.

(So now I am working on how to smuggle this illegal material INTO Poland. "Breaking the law, breaking the law!")


  1. ooohhhh...I am so coming to visit you in jail...LOL...

  2. I never knew Polish folks were giants until YOU told me....perhaps they are just upset that their ginormous children can't fit into them.

  3. OMG! That is unbelievable. Question: Is it illegal to sale or illegal to use? Because it is going to be hard to hide that baby when you are using it???? LOL

  4. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I can't even imagine why they would be illegal!


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