Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Day in the Life...

Today we started the day with breakfast upstairs like every day. Then because it was raining and I couldn't figure out how to get to the mall without us getting wet, we took a 30 zloty ($10) taxi to the mall that's 4 tram stops away - I'm sure I'll get a loud sigh for doing that.

We took the tram home from the mall, but we had to walk down to the next stop because since Pamela lost her bus pass we are actually being illegal and that tram stop had a inspector. The buses and trams all have these fancy little boxes that read your ticket or your bus pass and so it's all on the honor system. If an inspector gets on, he will demand your ticket and then scan it in his little handheld box (like they have in grocery store for inventory) to see if it is valid.

Then we came back to the hotel, Blaise was asleep in my baby sling and it was time for Toby's nap. I laid Toby down, left Pamela in charge, and then I put on my backpack filled with dirty clothes to haul to the embassy to wash. I had to run because I needed to catch the bus in 2 minutes, so I was hauling. I got to the embassy and had to call Dylan to bring me laundry detergent, but he didn't make it in time so I bought more. We'll use it so it's not a big deal. I have a very strict time schedule because I have to get the laundry going so that I can make it back to the kids in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. before nap time is through). Anyway, it took a long time...probably 2 hours for the one load of laundry and then 1 hour to get to and from the embassy.

I have a new plan for tomorrow. I will take the bus with my dirty clothes backpack, wash the clothes, throw them in the dryer and take the bus or tram back. Dylan can bring the clothes when he is finished with work. There's no need for me to be away from the kids for that long.

In other news, the "friends" who wouldn't bring their daughter to the Westin to babysit, had asked me to watch their cats when they are gone in July (assuming that we had moved into our house by then). I had agreed at the time because I wasn't feeling the way I am now and she hadn't made it very clear that she was not interested in helping us at that time. I saw her yesterday, and she said if you're not moved into the house by then, then we'll get a big litter box and food containers so that you only have to come down once a week. The nerve of some people.

Since all of this I have decided that I will completely distance myself from the Embassy community this time around. I can't in good conscience know that people need help and not help them, but I can't continue to give of myself to people who only take. The only way for that to work for me is to not know that there are people who need help.

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