Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking for a name change

Next week this blog will change it's name. I think that will affect anyone who's bookmarked it. It will be Hrncirs in Warsaw:). Can't tell you how happy I am about that!

Yesterday, Rose cried because we are leaving. My heart hurts for her. I can't imagine getting attached to children like she has with ours and then having them leave. She's watched Toby take his first steps and all the firsts that Blaise has had. Personally, while I will miss her, I still feel like I have had an invader in my house for the last two years. A very nice and pleasant invader whom I have become close to, but an invader nonetheless.

Last night, it rained and we tried to get to the store in the rain. The streets were washing out (because they always do when it rains) and we were able to get the store, but it's such a hassle to do anything here.

Oh, my kente was ready on Tuesday like he promised, but two of the banners had M's in them and apparently my handwriting was difficult for him because instead of Pamela and Michael, we got Panela and Uicheal. So he's fixing them and will have them done by Saturday. All the others were beautiful though.

Today it's picking up the shirts from the tailor as well as mailing out several packages. All packages MUST be mailed tomorrow (provided we get passports).

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