Friday, June 15, 2007

Funniest thing so far...

I went to the tailor who was doing the boys' shirts yesterday (I decided that after 2 years in Ghana I wanted some Ghanaian style shirts made for my boys and they all are very bright and match so I don't lose them anywhere;)). I hate the narrow "street" - really a dirt strip that leads up to his shack - that the tailor is on so I parked at the bottom and walked up. I walked by this group of men and one looked at me a little shocked and said, "Hello!" I said, "Hello". He said "Are you abruni (white foreigner) or are you Ghanaian?" I laughed and said "I am abruni". I found it very amusing that he seemed so shocked to see a white person he thought for a second that I might be a white Ghanaian (they do exist, usually they are albino). Not many white people shop around there. It's a place that Rose told us to go.

Time is ticking down and still no passports. I know they will come, I would just really like them here before we are due to leave.

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