Friday, June 22, 2007

My biggest complaint

It's funny because we've been out of Warsaw for three years and the ambassador has changed during that time period and still my biggest complaint is that the AMERICANS are unfriendly and unhelpful. I did, at the time, think that the Poles were unfriendly but after Ghana I no longer think that. The Poles are not particularly friendly, but they are very helpful - sometimes too much, like when they tell you that surely your kids are cold and you just don't know what you're doing.

The Americans, however, seem to have stayed the same on friendly and helpfulness. I'm trying not to dwell, but this particular incident has set me off. Within a week of our arrival we were told, "Hey, we'd like to have you for dinner. Kids are not welcome and we're not going to help you find a babysitter. Good luck!" So I will not be attending the dinner tonight. Unfortunately, Dylan tends to be nicer than me in this area and he will not let anyone know that I am particularly annoyed by this. See the thing right now is that we're staying in the Westin, and while it's a great location for us, everyone thinks it's too far and traffic is too bad to come out. So basically we're being told, Good luck finding your way around, 'cause it sucks too much to get out that way. Not that it would be any different if we were in our house, because then it would be that we were too far away. So basically if you don't live in the same neighborhood as someone else (and even if you do, they had better not have to get out to a major street to get to you) then you are too far away.

This is making me REALLY dislike Americans. I asked a friend who is still here (and shall remain nameless) if her daughter could babysit (with Pamela, it's just that all 3 boys are a bit much for Pamela she can do two and she can do 3 but we prefer not to overload her). She said, no way...someone would have to bring her all the way out to the Westin. So apparently it would be okay if we would just hop on a bus with all 4 kids and take them to someone else's house, get to dinner at someone else's house, and then go back out and retrieve them because it's too much of a hassle for everyone else who doesn't have 3 young children. Nice...very friendly.

If given the choice between Ghana and Warsaw, I would still choose Warsaw. But given the choice between Warsaw and quitting this whole lifestyle altogether...well, I might chose the quitting part. Ask me again tomorrow.


  1. I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  2. Well, I finally caught up on your blog! Sorry it took me so long!


  3. I love comments! Hope y'all keep reading!


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