Monday, June 25, 2007

Largest Mall in Central Europe!

Saturday we visited the largest mall in central Europe. It's large and pretty cool looking. Malls are a very big thing here, which is funny because I think their popularity in the States has dropped off. We looked at bikes for the whole family because we sold our bikes back in Accra, but my goodness, bikes are expensive here! We're hoping that we'll find some cheaper ones at Decathlon or just not a mall.

On the way back Seth got his head stuck between the post and the door on the tram and I freaked out, which was embarrassing in hindsight, but some nice Polish man pulled the door until Seth was freed. It wasn't hurting him, we don't think, but I just couldn't see it being good that it was clamped on his neck. I'll post some pictures after I go on the tram next (of where his head got stuck, I won't make Seth stand there again and get stuck:)).

Still have not met our sponsors. Well, Dylan has, but I have not. It's really good that we can get around on our own...

Church on Sunday was REALLY nice. Father Wieslaw is VERY nice and he doesn't hate kids, which is great. Our kids were very well behaved considering we sat in the area where people let their kids run wild. Next week we will sit downstairs since we would prefer that our kids don't run wild at mass. I think they can actually sit for an hour, they had to with the Nuncio in Accra.

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