Saturday, February 07, 2009

ARGH! I'm Trapped!

So my desktop refuses to start up. I'm involved in this scrapbook challenge where everything has to be posted by midnight and my desktop, where I do almost all my work, refuses to cooperate with me.

Then last night, as I was tending bar, a "friend" came in and proceeded to tell me in front of the other patrons/friends some juicy gossip about a mutual acquaintance. I don't really care that much about the gossip, while I didn't know these particular things about this particular acquaintance, it's nothing that other people haven't done in the past.

Perhaps because I was unimpressed with her juicy news, or perhaps because she is just...I don't know...mean, she then proceeded to tell me about how this acquaintance gossips about me. I was a bit shocked and hurt. If I thought quicker on my feet I would have flat out asked her "What are you trying to accomplish by telling me this?" Because seeing as this is an acquaintance, I don't really know him well enough for him to have any gossip about me.

And during the whole thing, I was transported back to high school. And I realized that perhaps I have led a sheltered life since then, but no one has treated me that way since high school. If you hear someone gossiping about others, how do you handle it as an adult? I certainly would not tell the person who was being gossiped about, that only serves to hurt them.

Unfortunately, I am supposed to attend a party with both of them next week.

And then I came home and my damn desktop would not start!


  1. But using magical powers you posted anyway, what incredible mental skill.

  2. The trick is to rise above the fray and not let what they may or may not say about you bother you. Go to the party and try to act as if you didn't hear about the gossiping, because you don't really know if it's true and besides, what really can be said about a person that she doesn't know herself?

  3. I can't stand gossip. One of the things I like so much about my new job is that they have a system-wide no gossip policy.

    I have found that overall, no one ever leaves HS. If you look at any given group, people assume their HS personas all the time and nowhere is it more evident than a HS reunion.

  4. What Globetrekking Mom said. Times ten. I recently had something similar happen to me, and I was also instantly transported back to high school. I realized, yet again, that many people never really do leave high school.

    Over the years, and after many painful experiences, I've learned that I am who I am, and if people like me, then great! If not, that's too bad. I'm going to live my life as best I can, and to heck with anyone who doesn't like it.

    I have also learned that oftentimes, the people who gossip and spread rumors are the people who have NOTHING going on in their own lives. Their lives are so empty and boring that they have to snoop into other people's lives and try to create drama just to give themselves something to do.

    Anyway, hugs to you, and a big PFFTTTHHHBBBBB to the old biddies!

  5. I don't think it ever stops. People criticize for everything, if you do something different, feed your kid something different, wear something different, I think you just have to realize you are who you are and they take it or leave it. I think in the future you could say your original thoughts of "What are you trying to accomplish by telling me this?"

    I love scrapbooking by the way.

  6. "or perhaps because she is just...I don't know...mean,"

    I think you nailed it. Go, hold your head up.

  7. ugh, GIRLS. don't give it a second thought. she's just bitter and will end up looking like the bad guy without you having to do anything.

    lemme atter. i'll show her what's what.

    my word verification is "nutiver" as in, that gossipy hag is a bitter nutiver.

  8. Gossip is gossip b/c you don’t know that it is true. If Babs told you Gabby said x, y and z about you, send a little email that says something like this: Gabby, Babs told me you said x, y and z about me. I know you would never say such things because you are such a kind person and great friend. I just want to let you know what a terrible person Babs is and I don’t think either of us should associate with her anymore. Now, if Babs is telling you the truth, Gabby will be horrified that she was “found out” and never gossip about you again or tell Babs anything because she knows Babs is a blabbermouth. If Babs was lying, Gabby will give her a swift kick in the butt. Either way, you win.


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