Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sorry that I've been a bit MIA. For all of those who have asked to be interviewed, I will soon have the interview questions coming to you - but that means I have to be all witty, which could be a problem. Be expecting them next week - the children and I are on break then:).

I leave you with this anecdote:

Tigger's piano teacher declared 2 weeks ago that the winter was officially over. I said (this is how I respond to all Poles who tell me winter has ended), "You know, I find it fascinating that the Polish word for February (Luty) means ice. It literally means ice."

Yeah... and I've lived here only 3 1/2 years (collectively).

There's an ice skating rink under there somewhere.


  1. Everyone goes MIA every now and then, we can forgive you.

    It's amazing the meaning behind words. For example February in UK English means "country grinds to a halt and nothing can be done about it dagnammit".

  2. doesn't it suck when your real life interferes with your blog life??

    ice, ice baby...........

  3. It's also Ice-uary here in Northern Minnesota, and I had a student just come to my office wearing shorts.

    His last name is Niffenegger. Although it doesn't seem so, that's must be a Polish surname.

  4. It was spitting snow here today and a patient showed up in a short-sleeved t-shirt and flip-flops. Winter is not over in a month named ice.

  5. Did Vodka just go all gangsta???

  6. I've been reading a lot of blogs but haven't commented on all of them because I have had a crazy 2 weeks so I know all about the MIA.

    Put on those tights!

  7. Glad all is well with you!

    I thought maybe you were off doing some undercover surveillance on more interesting fashion choices :-)

    I like Mo's UK-English definition of February. I think that definition exists over here too, in DC-speak!

  8. Mo - That's basically what it means in Polish too. They're just shorter about it.

    VM - Always.

    Jocelyn - NO WAY is he Polish. NO WAY would a Pole show up in shorts in February. A Pole would not show up in shorts unless it gets above 35 Celsius - they might die of exposure otherwise.

    Citizen - I could not agree more.

  9. Braja - I think she did.

    Heather - Always wearing them:).

    Margaret - I actually am doing some of that undercover surveillance. Unfortunately the other day when I saw the girl in the short short short skirt walking down the street I did not have my camera!


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