Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Monday was my first day of work. I'm currently a preschool teacher. I'm learning that I don't really like working with preschoolers. I also don't really like working with teenagers. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't like working with adults either. Perhaps I just don't like working.

Anyway, I wore a skirt (stupid I know, but my jeans had just been in a mudslinging accident with a two year old) and tights. About 2 hours into the day I realized I had a huge hole in my tights. Like "make me look like a homeless person" hole. I couldn't see it because it was on the back of my leg and somehow when I put them on my foot didn't got through the hole, so perhaps it wasn't there the whole day.

Anyway, once I learned of the hole, I discarded said tights in the bathroom. But now, my legs were bare. Well, except for the skirt and the knee high boots I was wearing. There was approximately 1 inch of bare skin showing.

I went into my local store and the clerks stared at me. I was dressed nicely, just lacking in hosery. I looked back at them. I was all "What! WHAT? You're staring at me because I have 1 inch of skin showing? Agnieszka looks like a hooker and you're staring at ME?!?!?!"

She does too. I'll try to get a picture.


  1. snicker

    I always think the best thing to ear with kids is a protective plastic coverall.

  2. Hobo! Where is the pic then, c'mon!

  3. Maybe the clerk was staring because she was in awe of your beauty?

  4. perhaps she thought, 'Damn girl, aren't you cold with no tighties on?"

  5. Wow. If someone is wearing knee-high boots and a skirt at or just above the knee, I wouldn't even know if they were wearing tights or not! (And who CARES?) It's funny what people will notice and stare at. Gee whiz...

  6. I suspect you had a particularly attractive one-inch of leg that was showing. Other women's one inch would be ignored, but yours is unignorable.

    I made all that up, just so I could type "unignorable."

  7. Funny! What do you think the shopkeepers would have thought about holey stockings instead? Great adventures!


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