Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Just 150 zloty, You Too Can Skip A Party

So last week, in a moment of weakness, I complained about an experience I had at the bar and that I would have to attend a party with the two people involved.

Fortunately, Stewie locked both sets of keys, both my mobile and Dylan's, and my purse in the minivan. Making us wait for 2 hours for a locksmith and making us 150 zloty (USD 42) lighter in the wallet.

But we totally missed the party. With a damn good excuse.

It was a good day.

So how did you spend Valentine's Day?


  1. Glad you missed your ... uh ... friends :)

    Was there some kind of special day? :)

  2. I spent Valentines day with my kids - my husband on the other hand got to have lunch with McDreamy - WTF - there is something seriously wrong with this picture!!!

    Glad you missed the party - what a bit of luck.

  3. Sometimes things work out for the best don't they?

    As for me, I spent much of it recuperating from a painful medical procedure - think I'd ratehr be dealing with an accidentlaly locked car.

  4. We made chocolate covered strawberries, went our for sushi, then came back and watched that immortal family classic: Terminator.

  5. Hey...I'm a big believer in blessings in disguise! Sorry about the expense though :-( Now, to answer your question, I spent Valentine's Day on the sofa, positive that my latest sinus infection was, in fact, going to kill me. (I've had sinus woes all my life and am still a big wuss.)

    This afternoon, I broke down and started the antibiotics. I was trying to go the natural route with a NetiPot, but to heck with that. Bring on the meds! And I'm seeing rapid improvement :-)

  6. that was cool!!

    Valentine's Day? Funeral. yuck.

  7. hahahahaaa!!! i love it. i might use that. oh, i need a kid, huh.

    i spent my valentine's day driving to vegas to meet a bunch of bloggers. i saw my boyfriend in the morning and i talked to him that night.


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