Thursday, April 09, 2009

Monsters vs. Hard Rock Cafe

The crime scene:

Hard Rock Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic, Practice Party - Opening Day

The culprit:

The Missing Link (with a little assistance from Piglet)

The victim:

An innocent bar glass (and some truly terrified bartenders).

The incident:

Friday afternoon, during the practice party for the grand opening at the Hard Rock Prague, the missing link descended on the bar of unsuspecting patrons and bartenders. It appears that he fell (or was pushed) from the 3rd floor balcony where a mother and her 6 year old child were eating the free meal provided by the Hard Rock Cafe. The only casualty was a highball glass, although there was some emotional scarring of the bartenders which may take years of therapy.

The suspect was returned to the custody of his family, where he spent the rest of the day in a backpack so as to not continue to wreak havoc on Prague.

Too bad we couldn't do the same thing with Piglet.

(And when I was jotting notes for this post in the Hard Rock Cafe, Piglet said, "NO! Please don't put this on your blog!" Does that mean I have a problem? Is there a 12 step program?)


  1. I'm not sure I fully believe this. Did you chuck that plastic thing over there in a sneaky move knowing full well that it would provide blog material? I reckon there may be a 12 step program...

    [I don't really think it was you, fantastic story, I think I might start taking my plastic froggy thing out with me to see what havoc he causes]

  2. Good that no one was hurt... It must have been loud, right?

    (Geeez, Mo and I thought I was getting better from my laryngitis)

  3. Wow! What an, um, adventure. I'm glad everything (and everyone) was OK :-)

  4. There is no cure. Embrace it!

  5. Blog therapy! LOL I feel your pain--I think my son will need blog therapy,too!!
    Have a happy weekend!
    tina :)

  6. a twelve step program to not be AWESOME??!! no, there ISN'T! :D


  7. Gotta love Piglet for giving you some good material!


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