Monday, April 06, 2009

Night Train

About once every 6 months, my brother in law rings us and says "I'm going to be in a country near yours this weekend/next week/tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know."

And then we make every possible arrangement to meet him in that country. Because he never has the decency to ring and say "I'm gonna be in Warsaw." That'd just be too easy.

We love you, D;). Even though you don't read my blog.

Anyway, this time he rang and said, "I'm gonna be in Prague." And we said, "Oh, it's Lent."

And then we went anyway. The cheapest route possible. 2nd class night train to Prague on Thursday and then 2nd class night train to Warsaw on Friday. No sleeping in a comfortable hotel. No need for that.

We can rough it.

Dylan and the boys can rough it. I'm pretty, um...rough, if I have to rough it.

Our sleeper compartment. Luxury digs, no?

To be continued...


  1. I've only been in Prague once, and I had tripe soup which was dirt cheap. You could probably feed the family on that.

  2. Well, times have changed, Mo, no such drastic differences in prices between countries nowadays. Am I right, Kylie?

  3. love the new look!!! Where the hell have i been?????

  4. and......wish i could ring and say "I'm going to be Prague for the weekend." damn.

  5. Wow. Roughing it indeed! My idea of roughing it is staying at a hotel (i.e. in something other than my own comfy bed). A camper, I am not. Happy or otherwise. Hope your visit to Prague went well!

  6. at what point did they come in and leave the chocolates on your pillows?

  7. Not too shabby.

    When we went to Poland many years ago, we lived out of a car for days on end, and one night we even slept at Auschwitz.

  8. I've never slept on a train. Looks fun!

  9. I can't wait 'til the continuation.

    That photo took me back to every European train I've been on.

    Oh, hell, no it doesn't. I always slept in my seat.

    You big richie.


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