Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Uncle Owned a Dairy

How do they get the cats to stay still? A vat of fish?

Posted by ShoZu


  1. I've always found that hypnosis is best with cats, get's the job done.

    I've missed your posts. Hope you had a nice break.

  2. Swing a tiny little fish in front of them. That should do it, unless they start swatting at it, in which case, you'd have to knock them out.

  3. Yay!! A Kylie-gram!! I hope this is the begining (or resumption) of Kylie-Postings. Hm. What an, um, interesting that one baffles me.

  4. OMG! Did you see Meet the Parents? Isn't that what Ben Stiller's character was supposed to do?

    Love the background, btw. :)

  5. Getting the cat to stand still is the least of it - there's not much of an udder on kitties.

  6. I love the new template! You were busy over spring break!

  7. gaylord focker was a milker. you can milk anything with nipples.

    how in the world robert deniro said "i have nipples, focker, can you milk me?" with a straight face is beyond me.


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