Tuesday, April 07, 2009

There's a Hard Rock in Prague?

After the train ride, we were supposed to meet up with D at his hotel. Of course, we had to make a small detour into bum town. We really enjoy venturing into the bad side of town when we travel. It helps us to remember the people who are less fortunate than we are.

And we're not so good with directions.

So after a short stop at McDonald's (yes, we have McDonald's here, but we've been engaged in the experiment, so the kids hadn't seen the inside of a McDonald's in 37 days - that's some kind of record) and a stop at Starbucks (yes, it was essential. You must stop at Starbucks when you don't have one in your city* whenever possible. It's like a rule.) we met up with D at his hotel.

D regaled us with quaint stories of his stay in Prague. Did you know that Prague has bad customer service? Who would have known? Except all of us who live in the former Eastern bloc.

We sat at the hotel bar and Dylan asked the bartender if we could sit and have our coffees. He glared at us in typical Polish/Czech fashion and said, "Normally, no."

So we sat anyway.

We then proceeded to sight see. We passed a sign for the Hard Rock Cafe, which thrilled D. Then we went on the long hike up to the castle. Upon arrival, D declared that this doesn't look like a castle.

We then determined that D must come and meet us in Mad King Ludwig's castles. Because real castles don't look like castles.

At lunch time, we thought back to the Hard Rock Cafe and made the hike back down to eat some good ole American food.

To be continued...

*Starbucks Warsaw opens Wednesday!


  1. Starbucks is exempt from the big experiment?

    Am I first again?!

  2. Hee! Great story. Does The Experiment end at Easter, i.e. the end of Lent? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Congrats on the Starbucks!

    Please, please, please take a picture of the menu. I want to see what "Mocha Frappuccino" looks like in Polish.

    Can I buy a vowel? :o)

  4. My one and only visit to Poland was back in 1970. My dad was able to purchase Corn Flakes and Ritz crackers at the PKO. Starbucks, wow! Is there a Walmart or Target? I might considering visiting again if there is.

  5. Loved traveling vicariously. But one part I don't get. Why Starbucks?

  6. I love hearing about your travel adventures!

  7. I am terrible at directions,too! LOL
    I don't like Starbucks (insane--I know) but I LOVE the mocha at McDonald's...is that crazy or what? :) Happy Tuesday! :)

  8. There is no castle like Mad King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle. That is a real castle although the one in Malbork is a nice medieval castle!

    *2 years I waited for the promised Warsaw Starbucks only to have it arrive after I leave. Not that I care now since I have three within a mile of me!

  9. I have to laugh as I am sitting in a starbucks right now writing this. Hard Rock has been in L.A. for over 30 years. Can't believe you guys just got one


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